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- Feedback from our readers on the February 2009 issue

Feedback on the cover story: The Scintillating Story of His Splendour Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshanam
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Dear Heart2Heart Team, Sai Ram,

Thank you for bringing us in such extraordinary and exquisite detail the mammoth Mahotsavam of the Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshana Yagnam and Swami's Splendour on the Golden Chariot.  I had the opportunity to travel to Bangalore and then be in Prasanthinilayam on the 17th of November for just a few hours and remain at the fringes of the Hill View

I was craning my neck to see Swami's orange robe on the dais from the outside and could finally see him from outside the gates of the stadium from certain angles on the large screens that were set up.

The Heart2Heart Cover Story has now given me the front row view of the proceedings and the celebrations and I feel immensely
pleased and bliss-filled not only to watch what was happening inside the stadium, but also learn about all that went on in the background.

It is heart warming to read about the innumerable devotees who invisibly and silently served in the background to make everything happen so flawlessly.  I have sat mesmerized after reading the Cover Story.

Please accept my 'Heartfelt Thank you' for bringing us this Bliss and the Grace of God with the power of your words and narration!

In Swami's love,


Champaign-Urbana Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre


I am from United States of America, Northern California. Your article is wonderful. Thank you so very much. I watched the events as they happened from my computer each of the days and now I got to relive it all over again.

Blessings to you all,

Joan Casper,



The cover story this time is beautiful. The pictures and descriptions transport us back to November '08 and the glory of those celebrations! Thank you again. It was also amazing to read of the logistical details of providing for the masses during the celebrations.

Lalita Rao


Dear Radio Sai,

I would like to say after reading this it has really inspired me a lot. I wanted to be there for this special occasion, however it was not possible. I can't really find words to really express how I really feel.

Sai Ram,

Linda David,



Dearest Heart2Heart Team,

Though we are physically far away from Swami, Heart2Heart is making us mentally and spiritually nearer and dearer to Bhagavan every day, every month and every year, day after day, month after month and year after year. I have been downloading, reading, studying and also seriously trying to put into practice the messages, lessons and teachings of Bhagavan as we get from Heart2Heart as Divine Prasadams. 

How can we thank you for your dedication, devotion, discipline, Love and Service. How can we thank you for your sincere efforts to spread the messages of Bhagavan to those physically far. It is Bhagavan's Will, Bhagavan's Plan and Bhagavan’s Leela unfolding through Heart2Heart. 

Earlier we had the good fortune to view the videos of Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshanam Yagnam as and when it was going on and now with the Scintillating Story we are enjoying the beauty, the splendour and the bliss once again. 

Sahasra Poorna "Thanks" to Bhagavan and to Heart2Heart Team.

Jai Sai Ram, Sathyapalan,

Abu Dhabi  


Sai Ram,

My sincere thanks to Radio Sai for all the beautiful articles - and especially the cover story of this month. This article brought the total picture of the Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshana Yagnam and satiated everyone who missed it physically. I could just visualize and feel one among the crowd while reading the article. The way it describes the Lord on His Chariot and devotees’ emotions leaves me in bliss.

Thanks again for such a wonderful work,



Dear Heart2Heart Team,

The cover story was so beautifully presented, with sublime expressions, photos, videos and interviews that although I wasn't there physically I felt that I was!

And I experienced the "Love" of our Lord. Reading about the selfless work  of the seva-dals is totally inspirational. Thank you again keep up your magnificent work and may Swami's blessings be with your team always.

Mrs Nalini Randall,

United Kingdom


Feedback on: From the Joy of Symphony to the Bliss of Sai
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Dear Sir,

The article is very interesting and thought provoking. The caste prejudices are very much there in our society and perhaps to some extent among the devotees also. For spiritual seekers, Swami perhaps wanted to lift or break this barrier through Mr. Hariharan, who is a spiritual seeker.

I would like to share the thoughts expressed, with others through a talk after Bhajans.
Sai Ram,

C. V. Ratnam


Sai Ram,

This story about the joy of symphony was lovely!  It reminds me that true music, which I adore so much becomes so much more than music when it is played with love.  Love really is Swami Himself.  Whenever I hear the virtuosity of students and there are many fine ones in this country (USA) one can always see that the music that is played with love speaks to the soul in a different way.   You can actually hear the love through the heart as it is played with the player's heart.

There are so many lessons in this student’s story and I still need to hear the lessons as well as the music!

Om Sai Ram!

Miriam Smith,



Feedback on: Spiritual Questions And Answers - Part 4
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Jai Sai Ram,

Very thoughtful and scholarly  answers to all four questions. And they are very clear and easy to understand. It will definitely satisfy many curious and confused minds.


Feedback on: In Quest Of Infinity – Part 23
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Dear H2H,

I have enjoyed this article about infinity very much, that is to say, as much as I am able to understand it. I am not a mathematician, yet, on a spiritual level, I have been blessed to have had some insights about our Beingness and its surroundings, which have verified what I felt was true. All things live.

Om Sai Ram,

Douglas Wilson


Sai Ram Radio Sai,

Your series of articles on "In Quest Of Infinity" are really wonderful. The lecture series are so good that somebody with no prior science knowledge can read and appreciate them. They are like Richard Feynman's lecture notes which develop enthusiasm in people for science.

Thanks for publishing them and thanks to Prof. G. Venkataraman for explaining them in such a beautiful way.

Sai Ram,




Feedback on: A Pure Desire... And a Profound Blessing
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Sai Ram,

Thank you so much for your story about Gayatri. I am so grateful to learn how the Sai Baba Hospital helped and the doctors were wonderful. I am very inspired by this story. Please do publish more. Your readers are eager to hear more good news.

In Sai's Divine Love,

Cathy Maniscalco,



Jai Sai Ram,

I just read your article on Gayatri recovery from polio. Please do write more articles like this. They are so inspiring and display Baba’s tremendous powers and miracles. It just confirms our belief that Baba is God.    Thanks  

Savita Varma


Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of just how awesome our dear Swami is and the miracles that happen at His hospitals.

Sai Ram,

Clara Minadeo, Cleveland Sai centre,




I happened to read the story of Gayathri and her cure of polio affected legs in SSIHMS. I am really overwhelmed by the touch of divinity and the service of the Hospital. I thank Swami for having given this opportunity to read this.

I would be grateful if you send me more of these miracles-stories. My little daughter is very attached to Swami. She will get her moral guidance from the stories of patients from the Super Speciality Hospital.


Sumathy Dilip,



Feedback on the Quizzes

The quiz on the Divine Discourses on Lord Shiva was an excellent quiz. I enjoyed every bit of it. I am a software developer and I must commend the way in which the quiz provides instant interactivity. Well Done!

Kind Regards,

Annelee Harripersad,

South Africa


General Feedback

Dear H2H team, Sai Ram!

Once more I want to thank you very much for your service with the H2H activities every day and every month. With this I have a strong and perfect 'physical' connection with all the activities of Swami in Puttaparthi and this nurtures again and again my spiritual connection with Swami.

May Swami bless you all!

With love and Sai Ram,

Joop Sturkenboom,



Dear H2H Team,   

Thank you for The Daffodil Principle story and all the others, and special thanks to Ms Vidya, for beautifully illustrating this and other stories.


Rema Nandakumar


Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters of Radio Sai,

How very wonderful it is, unbelievably so, to read the stories from Sai devotees about our Dearest Sai.  I am from the USA - halfway round the world from the Epicenter of Sai Bliss - and very happy to receive these thoughtful and loving missives from Sai brothers and sisters.  Please keep up the good work!

In Sai Love,

Jon Kline


Thank you for the web site and the daily emails. To have such information, knowledge and wisdom before me on the PC at my fingertips is truly a blessing.

Love and best wishes

Jeremy Edgar, Senior Editor,



Sai Ram,

Yes, I love all the articles that I read and they do inspire me to read more and more so that I can have more and more faith in Swami.  A lot of times, my life is faced with so many downturns that reading these articles brings me to believe that Swami is there trying to test me.  Please continue with your good work. 

Sai Ram,

Rema Chandran,



I love reading all the stories you provide on this journal. It helps me through everyday situations and it literally lights up my day. It brings me closer to Prashanti Nilayam and to physical nearness to Baba. Although He is always with us we all cherish the moments we can spend near His physical self.

Thank you so much for the love and the effort you put in the stories, reports and pictures - it helps us overseas devotees yearn just a little bit less for the next time Baba calls us to his Ashram. May Baba bless you and keep up the great work that makes me happy every day.

Sai Ram, Helena Emling,



Sai Ram Dear Brothers: As always, when ever I read any of your articles, there is a surge of bliss flowing within me, to signify how the stories of our Lord creates reverberation in this heart and mind,
Ever grateful,
Bhuwan, USA

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Vol 7 Issue 03 - MARCH 2009
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