Volume 11 - Issue 08
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Posted on: Aug 15, 2013


Jana Gana Mana...


A special musical offering from the studios of Radio Sai celebrating 67 years of India's Independence.

It is rich and vibrant at the same time melodious and moving. Just like this magnificent nation.

Vocals - Koustubh, Aswath, Anirudh 
Mohan veena - Mani krishna
Sitar - Suryanarayana Murthy
Veena - Sai Prasad
Flute - Pramod Umapathi
Dilruba - Suryanarayana Murthy
Mridangam & Kanjira - Sudheer
Timpani - Harry
Keyboards & Music arrangement - Anirudh
Mixed & Mastered at Prasanthi Digital Studios by Dhananjaya Shet

What are your impressions about this Instrumental Audio clip? Please share your feedback by writing to [email protected]. Do not forget to mention your name and country.

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