Volume 11 - Issue 12
December 2013
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Posted on: Dec 14, 2013

Radio Sai picture story- 02

Greed and Grief - A Story of Two Friends

Dear Children, 

We often do the mistake of thinking that our happiness arises from possessing objects. When we believe thus, we tend to think that the more we possess, the more happy we can be. But this is untrue, for greed only leads to misery and pain. Come, let us read this Chinnakatha told to us by our beloved Swami that stresses this very lesson.


Children, there is joy when you get what you want. But there is more joy in sharing it with others. Try it for yourself, and you are sure to see it. On the contrary, greed will lead to other unpleasant feelings like bitterness, jealousy and so on. Be ever ready to share what you have with others; learn to be happy when others are happy - this way you will always be happy and make Swami happy too. May Swami ever be with you. Sai Ram.

part 01


Illustrations by: Esha Narayanan

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