Volume 11 - Issue 07
July 2013
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Posted on: July 03, 2013


Bright Blossoms of Sai

Part 1
Talks by Children of the Primary Division of Sathya Sai School, Toronto

The Sathya Sai School in Toronto, Canada conducts a Public Speaking Contest for children from the Primary and Junior Divisions every year and this year, the final round of the contest was held on 26 April 2013. Six children, three from each category were awarded gold medals. We at Radio Sai were thrilled to read these talks, and were humbled by the fact that these flawless orations actually came from little children. We express our appreciation to the teachers who have prepared these children, for above all these talks reflect the focus and love these teachers have on Bhagawan's message. In a discourse Bhagawan gave to the Bal Vikas Gurus and students, way back in the year 1983, He said, “Dear teachers! Remember that the children have tender hearts and innocent minds. Only if you fill their hearts with love will the world have genuine peace.” And that is why we are so glad to see teachers dedicated to Bhagawan's message moulding generations of children which will sure lead to a more beautiful, united and enlightened world. We now present to you the three Gold Medal winning talks from the Primary Division (Grades 1 to 3)


Children Telling Adults Not to Smoke  by: Thisandi Male Pathiranage, Grade 3


I am so glad. I wonder if you know why…. It is because no one in this great school is going to have lung cancer or have a risk of having it. We do not smoke!!!

Good morning Dr. Revathi, Ms. Recht, judges and my dear fellow pupils. Today I am here to talk about children telling adults not to smoke. If the people in your family smoke, they are not practising ceiling on desires and self-control. You cannot do everything you want to do. I hope you learn something!

Thisandi Male Pathiranage  

More than half the world’s population are smokers, also including teenagers. Children are now also in the tight grasp of the hand of smoking. Adults are now smoking around children. Smoking causes a lot of diseases. They are in the risk of strokes, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and many more!

Children take adults as role models. When adults smoke, children think it’s good so they also start smoking, which will lead to more people getting sick.

Second hand smoking is also another risk. Children are breathing in smoky air. According to a book, second hand smoking causes more diseases than actually smoking!! When I am approaching a smoker nowadays, I always hold my breath so that all the toxins in the smoke won’t come in.

Smoking can also cause harm to the environment. Producing cigarettes requires energy. Think of all the butts that need to be picked up by others. According to yahoo.ca.uk answers, many forest fires are caused by cigarette butts and forests are cut down to grow tobacco.

A sad thing is now happening in this world. Since smoking is so addictive, adults are buying cigarette packs and creating a lack of food for children and wasting all their money on cigarettes. It is very hard to believe.

However, children can step up for their rights. We – from the children’s perspective – are very scared when our family is doing something that will make them hurt or sick. If one of the members of your family smokes, you can persuade them to quit directly or indirectly. Here are some examples: explain the dangers of smoking, divert them to a fun game, and according to the Internet some people have oral fixation and need something to put in their mouth. If this is true in your family, tell them to put in something else other than a cigarette, like gum.

Now I have to conclude my speech. Remember, we can take a step to change the world’s bad habits. When you don’t smoke you are practising Right Conduct and trustworthiness. Your family trusts you not to smoke. You are practising Right Conduct by helping the environment. Thank you for listening to my speech.


Responsibility by: Sakti Putkaran, Grade 3

Good morning Dr. Revathi, teachers and my fellow students. My name is Sakti Putkaran and I am here to talk about responsibility. You might be asking yourself, what is responsibility? Responsibility is completing your duties on time, actually doing your duties, not just being lazy and not doing your work. It also means not leaving garbage on the floor even if you didn’t drop the garbage. Because you are a citizen of this community, you should pick up the garbage.

  Responsibility  by: Sakti Putkaran, Grade 3

Now I am going to tell you what type of responsibilities we have and who has that specific responsibility. As a student, I have responsibilities that help keep me organized, improve my character, and help my academics. Some of them are: coming to school on time, most importantly listening to the teacher, taking homework home, completing it and returning it on time. Parents have their responsibility to take care of their children by providing for them healthy food, proper clothing and shelter. Teachers have the responsibility of teaching students lovingly, correcting the students when they are wrong, teaching what is right and convincing us children to go on and follow the right path.

One question: How did responsibility affect my life? Well, for one thing I used to be messy! But when I learned more and more about responsibility, I cleaned up my room. The reason I cleaned my room is because if it is messy, I will not be able to find my stuff. For example, if it is library day and I cannot find my library book, it is because I did not clean up my room. So now you got the answer. Every individual has a responsibility in a society to save energy and preserve natural resources like air and water.

We can cut down the usage of plastic, plant more trees and follow the community rules. “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Those are the most famous words President John F. Kennedy has ever said. Responsibility is a sub-value. Our parents desire for us to learn the five human values, including responsibility, and spread the message of our Founder to the community and the world. Thank you for listening to my speech.




technology speech by: Brenan Srisatkuru, Grade 3

Let’s see, who here likes to play on your electronic devices?? ….. (wait for 1 sec) Oh, I guess you all are TECHNOPHILES!

Good Morning everyone! I am Brenan and guess what I am going to talk about…TECHNOLOGY!

You might be thinking of your hand held devices. Well, that is correct, but Technology is a scientific method that helps us do things faster. Technology is improving every day and it is becoming more and more important to human’s lives.

There are advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Technology  by: Brenan Srisatkuru, Grade 3  

First, technology helps us do things faster, easier and more efficiently. It can help do household chores like vacuuming, laundry, dishwashing and many more. It is much easier and much more efficient rather than doing it manually.

Secondly, it influences education. The Internet is a never-ending information source which you will need for various things like projects, homework, news, etc. It can zoom from place to place in a blink of an eye. Technology is like a huge puzzle…the world is full of technology.

Now, let me tell you the disadvantages.

First, excessive use of electronics affects the health. For example, sitting in front of TVs, computers or video games for a long time is not healthy at all. You can even get obesity. Kids should do more outdoor activities like tag, hide and seek, basketball, soccer, and baseball that will keep them healthy. Even cell phones are harmful…do you know how? Cell phones produce radiation which causes brain and cardiovascular diseases.

The second effect is lack of communication. Kids under the age of five have less exposure to electronic devices, but once they get older, they get more and more addicted to these devices. People prefer using emails/Skype rather than communicating orally or face-to-face.

As I am coming to the end of my speech, I would like to relate technology to the values. Technology helps you save time. Also, limiting your excessive use of TV, video games and computers, you can save time. Saving time is a part of Ceiling on Desires and COD is a part of Right Conduct. We also have our Ontario Electronic Stewardship drive, where you can drop off any used electronics.

To conclude my speech, think about a world without technology. It would be like pioneer times! So make use of the advantages that technology gives you! Technology is good when you use it wisely.

Hope my speech was informative. Thanks for listening.



Courtesy: Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Canada

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