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November 2013
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Posted on: Nov 14, 2013

A Little One Joyfully Joins Science and Spirituality

By Sai Saketh Cherukuri

Master Sai Saketh Cherukuri is a former student of Sri Sathya Sai Primary School, Puttaparthi (3rd through 5th). Currently he is a sixth grader at Roberto Clemente Middle School, Germantown, MD 20874, USA, and a group two Bal Vikas student who visits the South Bethesda Sai Centre regularly.

The modern world feels that science and spirituality are totally different aspects. Science is only a fraction of spirituality. Spirituality begins where science ends. Not many of us understand the link between science and spirituality. This is my humble attempt to link the two.

Science is backed by lot of data and evidence, but spirituality is based on personal experience. I would want to highlight the connection between science and spirituality through the 'Magnet'. I always get attracted to magnets and love to play with them day and night. In this process, megnet has also taught me many important lessons.

History of Magnets

Magnets were discovered around 800 BC, purely by chance. Magnes, a shepherd grazing his sheep on the greens of Mt. Ida experienced a mysterious force that stuck the nails present in his shoes to certain rocks. Large deposits of these rocks were found in Magnesia in Asia Minor. That was how the name Magnet originated.

These rocks contained a naturally occurring mineral which had the property of attracting iron pieces. This mineral was called ‘magnetite’. These rocks were also called lodestone (which means 'leading stone').

The Uniqueness of Magnets

The following are the properties of a magnet:

  1. Attraction

  2. Induction

  3. Flow of energy (from North to South) and

  4. Magnetic poles exist in pairs

Let us take each aspect:

  • The Property of Attraction

Every magnet has a range of magnetism. This field is called the magnetic field. Whatever comes in the range of a permanent magnet gets attracted to it. But a magnet attracts only pure iron objects. It does not attract rusted or dirty pieces of iron. Swami is like a magnet and we are like iron filings. If we want to get attracted to Swami, we should be clean and pure. If we are rusted, that is, if we have bad thoughts and have no values, we won’t get attracted to Him.

  • The Property of Induction

Induction is a phenomenon wherein a permanent magnet when brought close to a metallic object, passes its energy to the object. Thus, the object then behaves like temporary magnet. If the object stays close to the permanent magnet, it becomes almost a magnet. Likewise, if we are in close contact with and practice Swami’s teachings constantly we too will become divine like Swami. On the other hand, if we stay away from Swami’s teachings, we will be demagnetized.

A magnet demagnetizes if it is not in the range of a permanent magnet. Other ways how a new magnet demagnetizes are the following:

1. When hammered constantly (like repeatedly failing to take Swami’s name)

2. When dropped several times (like continuously missing to think of Him or going to Sai Centre/SSE classes)

3. When heated to a very high temperature (like not singing bhajans loudly and wholeheartedly)

So we must always keep Swami’s Name in our mind, follow Swami’s teachings and go to Sai Centres regularly and attend bhajans to keep ourselves magnetized and being magnet-like Swami.

Another important lesson on the same lines: Swami always says ABC of life is Avoid Bad Company. It is very important to notice the kind of friends we maintain. Our thoughts depend on the kind of friends we have. So, if we have good friends, we have good thoughts.

  • The Property of the Flow of Energy

The energy in permanent magnet always flows in a uniform direction i.e., from north to south. In a temporary magnet the energy is scattered in all directions.

If we have our faith fixed on Swami, move in one direction with values, we will reach Swami, that is, become a permanent magnet.

  • Magnetic Poles Exist in Pairs

It is the nature of magnets to be strong and retain its properties regardless of the circumstances. For instance, if a magnet breaks into two, then the broken parts will still have a North and South Pole intact. Similarly, we must always keep our values and principles intact no matter what the situation is.

That is what I learnt from magnets which I like very much. Now, here is a crossword puzzle I have made on what you read till now.


Exercise Your Mind!




Unlike poles attract whereas like poles ....


Part where magnetism is the most powerful


Person who discovered magnets


Found in 800 BC


Energy in a magnet flows from north to ...


Another name for magnets


What happens when a magnet is heated or hammered?


The country where magnets were found in


Magnets were discovered in the Mount ________


Magnets do not attract particles which are...

Check the Answer

- Team Radio Sai

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