Volume 12 - Issue 04
April 2014
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Posted on: Apr 09, 2014

Radio Sai picture story- 08

The Farmer and the Landlord


Dear Children,

   The mind is one of the greatest instruments given to us by God. It helps us analyse situations, discriminate between right and wrong and to speak and act in a judicious manner. But there are certain things that lead to the improper functioning of this otherwise brilliant instrument. The following story highlights one such strong factor. Come let us read this interesting short story that Swami has narrated many times.

Beware of Pride  radiosai comic story 07
beware of pride

That was a little story, with a very important lesson! The feeling that so and so belongs to me or this object is mine, is a very overpowering emotion. It has the ability to cloud our discrimination and take us away from the path of righteousness, away from the path towards God. Now, that is not something we want, isn't it! We must have the firmness of conviction to reject what is wrong and stand by what is right, even if that means it harms our interests. This inner strength will come to us if we gradually give up the feeling of 'mine and yours'. Be happy when something nice happens to your friend or neighbour. When the person before you is in pain, consider it your own and try to help. This will eventually make you a person of strong morals, worthy of respect and admiration. God bless all of you!


Illustrations by: Esha Narayanan

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