Volume 12 - Issue 03
March 2014
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Posted on: Mar 09, 2014

Radio Sai picture story- 06

Akbar's Dilemma

Dear Children,

What gives us true happiness in our daily life? Is it what we wear, what we play with or what we eat? Or is it from elsewhere? If we know the answer to this one important question, then we can pursue happiness by doing or acquiring that, isn't it? Before we try to solve this puzzle, come, let's read this Chinna katha:

akbars dilemma radiosai comic story 06
akbars dilemma radiosai comic story 06
akbars dilemma radiosai comic story 06

Children, did you see? If it was brinjal that was giving happiness to the king, then eating more of it and eating it everyday should keep him happy always. But that was not the case. The truth is, his happiness actually came from within. If we go about with a cheerful state of mind, and take things positively we can always be happy come what may. Our happiness does not lie in what we have or what we get, it is in how happy we choose to be. Once a devotee, out of his love, wished to offer something to Swami. He told Bhagawan, "Swami I am ready to do anything for You." "Is that so?" Bhagawan asked in response. "Then, always be happy. That is all I want." Yes, that is all Swami wants from us. So let us strive to be happy always. Never forget to wear that beautiful smile on your face, everyday and all day long. Swami loves it! God bless you!


Illustrations by: Esha Narayanan

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