Volume 11 - Issue 01
january 2013
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Posted on : Apr 04, 2015

90th Birthday Audio Theme

Even as we began receiving beautiful entries for the Caption Contest, we were informed that the children in the Sri Sathya Sai Primary and Higher Secondary School were very keen to participate in this contest too. So we decided to judge the entries from these institutions separately, for in one way it gives us a peek into how these children of Swami relate to Him.

A contest it is, and so winners there must be. But going through the entries were truly heart-warming for us. In selecting the winners (for these entries and the results published earlier), one important criteria we used was uniqueness of the idea. This allowed us to narrow down on the winners, but a lot of them that failed to make the cut expressed such sublime thoughts and feelings towards Swami, that it left us amazed and thrilled. And as always we at Radio Sai were the most enriched by this experience. We thank the students of the various institutions of Bhagawan for participating, especially the children from the Primary School for their exuberance and overwhelming participation. We present below, the winning entries from the various institutions.

  • Primary School

  • Secondary School

  • University Students

  • Devotees







Photo 1 - interesting ones
Photo 1 - interesting ones


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