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Always Giving He Does not Mind Payrent Taming the Floods Who is the Most Beautiful



God does not mind if people do not realise who He is!

In the celebrated Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that when God comes in human form, most people mistake Him to be just another man. This frequently happens in the case of our beloved Baba also, notwithstanding His innumerable miracles and Leelas, all of which are a clear signature of His Divinity. There is a charming incident that highlights this human fallibility.

HE DOES NOT MINDMany decades ago, Swami visited the house of a devotee in Bombay. Over there, Baba moved about very freely with the members of the family, as He always does on such occasions. Among other things, He spent some time walking to and fro with the aged mother of his host. This old lady was so happy that in the end she placed her hand on Swami's head and sweetly said, "God bless you!"




Volume 01: PDS / 06 Date : NOV 15 2003