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Always Giving He Does not Mind Payrent Taming the Floods Who is the Most Beautiful




Ancient Indian scriptures say: "Mother is God, Father is God." The Bible says: "Honour thy father and mother." In the past, aged parents were cared for in all societies. But alas, in modern times, people seem to think that aged parents too must be cast away like worn-out clothes and appliances. Since longevity has increased, the problem of aged and abandoned parents has become an acute problem, especially in the developed countries. Sons and daughters who owe their very existence to the sacrifices that their parents made for their sake, abandon their parents without batting an eyelid. Thus it is that Homes for the Aged and the Destitute have sprung up all over the world.

PayrentSwami constantly reminds all devotees and particularly students, that they should never forget the debt they owe to their parents. He says that when we rent a house or a room, we pay rent to the landlord. Likewise, we must pay "rent" to the [maternal] parent for occupying the womb for nine months at a stretch. In His typical fashion He adds: "Parent means PAY RENT!" In 1999, Swami set up a Home for Destitute Parents near His Brindavan Ashram. The message has since gone home and now many Seva groups have done likewise in their respective areas.




Volume 01: PDS / 06 Date : NOV 15 2003