Volume 12 - Issue 04
April 2014
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Posted on: Apr 24, 2014


sathya sai maha samadhi

When April 24, 2011 happened it was earth-shattering. Especially for those who had developed a fond kinship with the beautiful physical form of Sai. That they cannot give one more letter to Swami, that they cannot touch His lotus feet one more time, that they can no more go to their Sai and heart-fully present their personal and professional problems, that there is none now whom they can hold on to in times of their need and adversity, that that bewitching smile of their Lord can never be seen again with their eyes, that they can never again sit in the Sai Kulwant Hall anxiously and expectantly waiting for their beatific Sai to glide in, that they have now become orphans, that they have no where to go to and no one to turn to, that existence had suddenly become meaningless and helplessly hollow.... these thoughts and feelings made the event of Bhagawan bidding farewell to His bodily vesture absolutely cataclysmic for some. Let us call this category of devotees 'The Near Ones'.

Then there were others, most probably living in places far away from Puttaparthi and most of whom have never seen the physical form of Baba, for them the news of April 11 had negligible impact. They wondered, 'What do they mean He is gone? Why are they grieving saying He is not there anymore? Why, isn't He there with us even now just like before? He is helping us, guiding us and protecting us like He always did all these years... our Sai is certainly with us now and will be with us forever'. This is how another group felt. Let us call them 'The Dear Ones'.

There is a third group who knew in their hearts of hearts that Sai's form may have disappeared but Sai remains, Baba's voice may have become silent still His message reverberates, Swami's movements may have stopped but His mission moves on... they were convinced of all this, however at times unable to bear the sudden exit of their Beloved Master who was their mother, father, friend and everything, they broke down helplessly, they cried like a child. Every time they came to Prasanthi and sat in the relatively empty Sai Kulwant Hall, they just could not stop their tears. They knew He is there still they terribly missed Him. They knew He is beyond the physical still they pined for His physical darshan. They knew He is everywhere still they longed to touch Him. We could call these people 'The Near and Dear Ones'.

Three years have gone by since Sathya Sai chose to once again be accessible only as Cosmic Sai, and all these different categories of devotees too have made strides in their personal journeys to Swami. There is only one choice. Be it 'The Near Ones' or 'The Near and Dear Ones', all have to ultimately reconcile to the stage of 'The Dear Ones' so that each one can once again experience that nearness and dearness with the Divine. Each devotee everywhere is on this path now.

We in Radio Sai sought to capture this spiritual journey of atleast a few long standing devotees, and that is what is presented below. This however is only the starting point. Now, we request you dear brother/sister to share with us your reflections. All you have to do is answer this one question:

How Do I Now Connect with My Sai

  • We would like it if you can send us an audio file of maximum 2-3 minutes. If not atleast a written paragraph not more than 150-200 words.
  • Also do send a picture of yours which we would place next to your thoughts.
  • The Aradhana Day is just a week away. So send in your mails at the earliest please!

We will update this page everyday with your entries.

Let us 'Sai'fy our lives and share His love all around.


United Kingdom
I only heard of Swami back in 2012, and started worshipping Him in early 2013. I think Swami is still very much here with us, just in a more subtle form, His true form. I think His message is just as strong now as when He was in His physical form.

I’m a bit sad that I can’t ever appreciate His physical form, but His true form is enough for me. I’m able to connect to Him via listening to His voice, His message and bhajans, but best of all is meditation and spiritual Sadhana.

As I’m blind I can’t appreciate Him visually, but meditating on Him selflessly is enough for me to connect to our Swami. Doing service in His name is also great. Seeing Swami in everything also helps me apply Swami to my everyday life.

In summary, selfless love and faith is the best way to connect to the Lord.

We are His divine creation, that itself is a proof of our connectivity rather than posing all queries as to how we are connected to Him...

I imagine myself as being in His womb, getting recharged, through His breath of Omkara and His continuous flow of Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa as my food....!

My daily Duty and Service, with His divine Grace, most humbly and incessantly performed, are proofs of His connectivity to me, through wires of outpouring Blessings....!


Long to see Sai more than ever, maybe because I do not do enough, do not follow His message as much as I should... do not listen to His words of wisdom. Talk to him all the time. He always takes care of everything... even the impossible... I feel I must do more, but sit still.

I feel if one lives His message completely then one may feel His proximity more and hence the longing for His physical form may be less...

I am very happy to read that I am among the dear ones of Swami.  I always thought that my love for Swami was very meagre compared to other devotees as I didn't shed any tears when I heard of the departure of Swami on 24 April 2011.  I was not even sad.  I was only shocked because we were all not prepared for this sudden departure.

I am among those lucky devotees who have got the chance of having the physical darshan of Swami at least once in their lives and I cherish this memory till now.  With years my relationship with Sai has deepened a lot.  With the help of my Guru (Mrs P. Mannick) I have learnt to connect with my Sai at anytime and any place by just closing my eyes and think about Him.  I know He is always with me.  He is the first one with whom I will share my joy and sadness.  I even fight with Him when things go wrong.

Sai is the air I breathe everyday.  I do not exist without Him.

I love you Swami and I know You love me too.

Don’t think of the past. Don’t think of the future. When such thoughts drag me away, I make sure that I leave them soon. When I keep doing this, that is, keep neglecting thoughts of the past and the future, then a deep silence engulfs my mind and in that state I hear a voice which guides me and I’m pretty sure it is HIS. Nobody else can be so loving and compassionate.

I urge one and all to try this out. Just keep neglecting thoughts of the past and the future and what you WILL hear is HIS VOICE.

I am very fortunate to have Swami’s grace in my life since I was 10 years old.  Although I was not a frequent visitor of Puttaparthi, I felt Swami’s presence every moment along with me. In some situations where I even forgot to take His name, He has helped me. Swami is Omnipresent. When I visit Puttaparthi, I definitely miss His physical form, otherwise, I feel all the time He is with me.
He has totally changed my life. He is my everything, my best friend, my father, my mother, my teacher. He played different roles in my life, as per the circumstance. He is somebody, with whom I share my happiness, my sorrows, I complain, argue, fight, request, sometimes command.  In other words, He is inside me, around me, He is present everywhere. He guides me in my bad times, He smiles in my good times, He gets angry if I do something wrong, then He corrects me. This is how, it is a heart to heart relationship.
On 28th March 2011, when I heard, Swami has been hospitalized, couple of days before my birthday, my world was shattered and first couple of hours I couldn’t believe and I was shocked, then as I was hearing the news about His deteriorating condition day by day, I was crying like a small baby and I was praying to God to give all His problems to me and make Himself healthy.

Unfortunately, after couple of days I heard that His physical body is no more with us. See the Divine grace, He suffered from 28th March to 24th April, just to make us realize and accept that, His physical form is leaving us. And once He made it sure that we have almost accepted and adjusted with the circumstance, He left the body. Such is the divine grace.

We can’t be like Him, at least we have to  try to follow His messages and keep His teachings alive, and do as much service as possible to the mankind. I try to do the same everyday as per my capacity.

The easiest way to connect to HIM is the path through bhajans, in which we pray to the ONE and enjoy our life with Him. People who have not seen Him physically will have to strike hard to connect, but for the ones who have seen Him it is easy.

GOD has many forms; He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

Being His chosen student, I feel proud to tell that my Life has changed from what it was to what it is now. Once a student asked, “Swami, How to become dear to you, Swami?” Swami told him, “Follow my hostel schedule; you will become dear to me”.

Lord has laid out the road for us, our only job is to walk onto it and make our progress towards our merciful Lord.

It was always a mention that we, the students, are the chosen ones. HE has some plan for all of us. We have come to HIS institute as per HIS will.

The path laid by him is full of roses with no thorns in it. We ourselves bring thorns into our way due to our karmas. Therefore, GOD has told us to remember him while walking on this path, then our job becomes easy.

We always praise the creation, but we forget that if the creation is so beautiful, then how beautiful will be the Creator? In this way, we will always remember our Beloved Lord for whatever He has done for us. As we are HIS assets, it is our foremost duty to maintain the asset value.

Berlin, Germany
I was blessed by Swami to have His Darshan when aged 21 in 1990 and since then I have been His! He is a part of me and I a part of Him. I exist as I am today because of Him. What He has been teaching me is nothing less than the prize of life itself.

Though His physical leaving was truly heart-breaking, He has taught me that He has not left me in any way.

I have so many sweet memories from past experiences in His physical proximity. And in the present, I can feel His ever-present Presence, (if I remember to remember Him) giving me His LOVE and guidance - what more do I need! 

Beginning the day with an hour's meditation before His picture and reading His holy words, always bring His Blessing.

His smiling face adorns my home in many photos and I attend the weekly bhajans whenever possible. The Radio Sai articles always inspire me; as do the Sai Inspires emails; the complete set of the students' "A Bridge Across Time" CDs has, if you can believe it, been permanently playing the last 3 years.

And I play Swami pictures on the computer's slide show  - there are hundreds on the Radio Sai H2H photo gallery. Yes Radio Sai - you guys are a big help!

It is heart-to-heart, connecting through love to Swami by transforming myself towards divinity without expecting materialistic favours of illusionary world. I cannot express the love which our beloved Swami has bestowed on me. Constant contemplation of Swami's existence and becoming worthy of being loved by Him and graced by following spiritual paths which has led me to peaceful life with harmony.

I have not got any opportunity of interview or talk with Swami directly but my divine thoughts are responded by Swami. He's the only companion. If I have any problems I inform him and I am relaxed and I have cultivated the habit of talking to Swami through inner voice. I send emails to Swami and feel comfortable though He's not in a human form.

As Swami said "Have faith on Me, I will guide and guard you". This thought has come true in my life. I start the day with Swami’s name and end the day with Swami’s name.

I am fortunate to belong to the category of "Dear Ones" as I had very few darshans of the Lord in His physical form. But yet I do not understand why my eyes are moist more in the month of April and November; two important months of our dear Swami. 

As far as connection is concerned, it is as pure as ever in HIS cosmic form. I feel as near as ever and feel the presence of the lord at all times.  But what I miss are the discourses and yes I DO MISS MY SWAMI although I know He is closer and near as ever. 

I have no answer and can't comprehend this emotion.

For me I have had a good fortune to enjoy the divine darshans, Sparshans and Sambashans of Swami for many years. It was a blissful experience to see Him gliding into the Sai Kulwant Hall for His Darshan.

His bewitching smile that attracts us all and His nectarine words that He utters to some of us. It was easy then to connect with Him but on 24th April morning Bro. Ramani of Chennai met me on my way to the Mandir and told me that Swami had left His mortal coil. For me it was a heart wrenching moment as I had come 2 days earlier to visit Him in the Hospital. A dark gloom settled down on me as the body of our beloved Swami arrived at the Yajur Mandir and thence I was like a child crying for the next 3 days.
Time passed by and soon the ache in my heart slowly left me. I had then remembered that Swami would always tell us that this body is temporary and that the soul was eternal.

However whenever I visited the Maha Samadhi my heart would give in and my eyes will be filled. As I continued on my journey keeping Sai close to me I promised myself that whatever happens this body will continue to carry out His Mission with added zeal and fervour.
I went along with my life these 3 years having complete faith in THE Omnipresent Swami for I believed He is the one who is filling me with energy and I shall not fail Him. He continues to guide me in my profession as a Head and Neck Surgeon and whenever I encounter difficulties I just think of Him and He will then lead me on knowing fully well that His hands are helping me in times of need.

I shall hold steadfast unto Him always as I lead on my life for I feel that He is always watching over me.

The Netherlands
I learned to connect with my INNER Swami to breath in with 'Swa' and breath out with 'Me'. Just Swa-Mi, SWA - Breath-in & MI - Breath-out.

Petaling Jaya,
Every morning, I wake up to Swami's lovely voice in the form of my phone alarm where He says: Premaswarupalara, start your day with love, fill your day with love, end your day with love, everyday with love, that's the way to God. It serves a reminder to me to follow Swami's ideals.

Throughout the day, I talk to Swami - I believe He resides in all our hearts and the moment we call out to Him, He responds. I have had dreams of Swami and I believe He is omnipresent and leads us all to reach divinity.

Venezuela, Latin America
I enjoyed the grace of being in Prasanthi with Divine Darshan and sparshan of Sai during some global educational events. The day Sai decided to enter Samadhi, I cried desperately, just recalled that I have felt this way twice when my mom fell asleep forever and when I found out that Sai had entered Samadhi, a deep pain came over me, but with His infinite grace, He did His magic for me to calm down.

I suffered an internal transformation that allowed me to recognise Sai in me and in everything and everyone. He was responsible for leading my life to the service of education and family seeing Him in beneficiary families and children.

Now Sai consciousness and divine energy is present in each one of us. In this transformation process, my family and I have taken a family sadhana which includes among other practices singing 108 Gayatri and meditation. After meditation, my husband tells that he receives message from Bhagawan which coincides with the message written on Thought for the day board. We feel it is a heart-to-heart connection.

Saudi Arabia
Swami was with us, is with us and will be with us forever.

On the occasion of Swami's Aradhana Mahotsavam Day, I would like to serve poor and needy people like orphans, old aged people and spread of Swami's message across as much as possible to the unknown and make them good human beings and possibly devotees of Swami.

I sincerely pray to Swami to constantly shower His blessings on all of us and make us better and the best devotees to serve the people and our nation.

Having lived during this Sai era, I feel blessed for the opportunity that He granted us to witness and experience the presence of this Avathar while He was with us. And He had, and continues to guide and protect all of us every day through our life!

As He left His mortal coil on April 24, 2011, we are all immersed in a sense of deep sorrow that is beyond description. But what He gave me during His physical presence in our midst will remain with me and will carry me through the many lifetimes that I have yet to go through!

Yes, I do miss “seeing” the Physical Form of our beloved Bhagawan - My heart is constantly pining for the darshan of that eternally beautiful Form, that personification of Cosmic Love and Compassion. The sadness at the loss of the most wonderful treasure of a thousand life-times lingers forever and, will be a part of my soul until the final merger of this (my) Atma into SAI, the Paramatma.

Now, like the many other losses in our lives, I have to learnt to live with this loss also, reminding myself that this life is never permanent and will one day come to an end. Though the beautiful Form of our Universal Parent -SAI - is no more with us, He has left behind the memories of that wonderful Form and our own personal experiences for us to cherish forever. So I told myself to brush aside the sadness from the loss and start doing the most practical thing that I can still do i.e. to install Him, His Form, His Voice, His eternal memories in our hearts, 24-hours a day, every day. By converting my heart into the temple that I know as Prasanthi Nilayam, I can feel and experience His presence with me all through my life.

This attitude, this sadhana, this discipline helps me fill my life with SAI every moment. Though I have not reached that stage, I know I will eventually transcend from the Form to Formless one of these lifetimes. Yes, right now I do not want to give up the thoughts of His Form because I am so used to it.

Swami has given us many wonderful moments through our own personal experiences and through those of the multitudes of great devotees of Bhagawan and I should not let them go waste.

I hope to live and relive through those moments while I am carrying out my own duties as a person. Always be in that Prasanthi Nilayam in our heart, whether I am travelling or doing my daily work, helping someone, praying or meditating. By doing this, situations of conflicts can be immediately corrected since such conflicts are not to be entertained while we are in Prasanthi Nilayam in the presence of Bhagawan.

Though the cosmic Bhagawan is present everywhere I am still associating Him with Prasanthi Nilayam. I am sure I’ll go past this crutch but, right now, as I am pining for His Form, I feel quite satisfied with this first step in this journey towards experiencing His Cosmic Form one day in the future! I pray to Him to guide me, to guide and protect all of us in this journey through eternity!

I have never been physically very close to Sai. So the way I connect to Him has always been simply through speaking. Whenever I am in need of a friend who would lend me an ear unconditionally, I would talk to my Sai. Whenever I need motherly love and comforting care, I would turn to my Sai. Whenever I need fatherly guidance in a difficult situation, I would ask for guidance from my Sai.

In all such occasions, I would just pour my heart out to my Beloved Sai, and He would be there in whatever form I need Him.

When I meet with failures, I would put all the responsibility on His shoulders, and He takes care of the rest. So also when I find success. I would offer all the credibility at His Lotus Feet, and He would take care of the rest.

Therefore, my way of connecting to Him is very simple... Speak to Him and He is right there for me... everywhere and everytime...!

Sydney, Australia
I connect to Swami every morning with 21 Omkaram, Suprabhatham, Sai Ashtothram, Gayathri mantra and meditation.

In the evening I do prayer to the five elements and Namasmarana. On special days I do Padhuka puja and other formal worships.

During daytime I listen to Radio Sai broadcast, listen to Swami’s discourses, reading Sanathana Sarathi. Throughout the day I constantly talk to Swami through my inner voice, experience Him through visions and dreams. I never miss any Sai functions including weekly Centre programs.

The connection was always there and if it was ever lost, it would because of my short comings. To connect to Swami is very easy even if you just send Him a silent prayer in times of trouble, He responds.

I am staying abroad for the past 12 years now and it was a big blow for me to be away from Swami's physical form. But I guess He wanted me to see His cosmic form even before He left His body. I speak to Him the whole day telling Him things, asking His advice, complaining, fighting, arguing and He responds to all. Sometimes I even bother to ask Him what do I cook for the day and then He says from within this or that. Sometimes He is quiet - maybe upset by the way I behave.

But believe me, He is nearer than the near ones. The latest thing I was telling Him, "Swami, I want to be near and dear to You". I told Him, look some people are near You but are not dear to You, some could be dear to You but they are not near. Here it's the physical proximity but the heart to heart is nearness and dearness.

And within few days Radio Sai puts up this article about Aradhana Mahotsavam, where they write that there are some people who know He has left the physical form but Bhagawan is still there and they are called "Near and Dear ones". Baba answered my prayers.

Just be pure and truthful in your thought, word and deed and then you can connect to Bhagawan. Infact Swami would Himself connect to you. Most of all yearn and pine for Him. He has Himself said, "If you desire Me, you deserve Me".

Ae meri pyaari sai maa,

Tera haath na chute,

Yeh bandhan na tute,

Tu kabhi humse na ruthe,

Chute agar sanson ki dor bhi,

Phir bhi yeh janmo janmo ka saatha na chute.

New York, USA
I connect with Swami by constantly thinking of His form and His Divine Love and feeling His Awareness within. At that state, there is no separation... I believe it is the unshakeable faith in Swami ingrained in every atom or DNA of this body and the knowledge that He is always guiding and protecting me that helps me most to stay in sync.

It is easier to connect with Swami in the ashram premises. However, back in the world, sometimes, it is a challenge. However, I repeatedly remind myself of the oneness of the Atmic consciousness to connect with Him as I did when He was in His physical form. It does not matter whether Swami is in His physical body or not, His presence is within and everywhere and His guidance is ever available.

Practice of the five Human Values, detachment and discrimination, selfless service are some of the directives Swami guides me to strictly follow to live in His Awareness and feel His Divine Love as the undercurrent of body, mind, word, thought and deed.

Secunderabad, India
Then and Now I connect with Swami through Prayer, Nama Smarana, meditating His beautiful form.  Swami’s photograph bestows signs of grace; when we pray before Swami's photograph chanting 108 names or after bhajan, His photograph becomes more alive; bright with light, placed flowers fall, smell of fragrance fills the air, lamps placed near His altar glows very brightly for longer hours with little oil, garlands stay fresh for three days, peace and bliss fills the whole holy atmosphere, showing His divine presence.

Swami responds to true sincere prayers, guides and protects me as always. Whenever I fail to practice Swami’s teachings daily, I pray to Swami for true sincere devotion, courage and strength to follow His teachings.  

Daily Morning & Evening (before sleep) prayers helps  me to connect with Swami. Chanting Swami's name with form in mind, reading or listening to Swami’s glorious stories fills me with energy, removes sickness, refreshes mental and physical strength.

Hyderabad, India
I am of the opinion that if He wants only, I can get up at about 4.40 am for suprabhatam in my govt quarters  at Hyderabad. If He does not, then I shall be sleeping upto 5.10 am but due to His grace, I am able to remember His name always and trying my best to see Him everywhere as Radha was seeing Krishna. 

He used to guide us by telling that if you help your enemy,  He will be more happy. I always have noticed that He used to create such testing situations which may be adverse to me and my status and always help me to overcome that situation. I always felt that He is near us and stopping me if I do any wrong thing.

In this context, I can request all my Sai brothers that everything including our devotion towards him also depends on Him. Therefore, we should focus our attention towards Him and always pray Him 24x7 days to bestow His grace on all of us. We should also always be ready to do His work allotted by Him without any hesitation, even if it did not help us and if it is going against our selfishness and ego.

How Do I Now Connect with My Sai is something like how to live without breathing! Bhagawan is always connected to me through inner Net. He is always our guiding source in all endeavours. He has assured that He will take care of welfare as well as farewell.


People adore and worship God who is inscrutable. Swami is the Supreme God of Love, who took the human form to set us free from ignorance and bondage. He let us experience His Divine Love, Omniscience and Omnipresence. The soil of my heart was ready 35 years ago when He planted the seed of Divine Love and removed some of my addictions and worldly ways, even before I came to see His physical form.


New Zealand

How did I connect to Sai before? Well, before 2011 I connected to Him through daily prayers and frequent trips to Parthi. Seeing Him in His physical form, Swami receiving my letters and granting me Padhanamaskar was a ‘good feeling’, now I miss that. Today I only have photos to remind me of my close physical proximity with SAI.

Swamy is my life breath. The more I was 'distanced from HIM' physically, the more HE has made sure that HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME.

There have been times when I have contemplated ending my physical life but HE made sure that I changed my decision by speaking to me through my heart. This happened years before He departed physically.

Ever since, I have felt HIS PRESENCE in my heart and around me. Whenever there has been disturbances from those around me, HE has intervened and made it alright but HE has also made sure that I too strive to reform myself first and act worthy of HIM.

To those around, I was a worthless being but HE introduced me to online writing and now I strive to spread HIS MESSAGE OF LOVE AND HARMONY.

I connect to HIM through my heart so much when I  visit religious temples and places of worship, I try to find Him but am comfortable speaking to HIM through my heart. Please do not think I am boasting. It is true that he does speak to me through my heart.

He has given me visions reassuring me that my brother will be alright after a serious accident where he lost a leg and now again, he was brought back to life after complete organ failure and heartbeat. He has also saved my life after my uterus broke and the doctors ran helplessly trying to save my life, though some around me will not believe me, I got a message from HIM that like the Berlin wall fell (which HIS PREDICTION CAME TRUE), they too will one day believe.

I am sorry for making it personal but then SWAMY IS PERSONAL to each one of us.

24 April 2011, a day which devastated me as I have been too attached to the physical form of my beloved Swami. There I was in the same evening at the Mandir, holding a garland with tearful eyes and broke down as I reached His throne.

That night, I dreamt of an aunt whom I greatly admire. In the dream, she was standing next to me in Mandir with her hand on my shoulder as I was inconsolable. No words were spoken but before she left, she gave a pat on my back and when I looked at her, she had a very bright silver gold aura around her and she disappeared into thin air after nodding her head at me. Only then, I realised that it was my Sai Maa who stood beside me and consoled me. Perhaps, Swami wanted me to see Him in everyone as He came in a different form.

On 27/4/2011, Swami assured of His presence in our home with appearance of 3 lines on His forehead beaming very brightly from the photo of Him which I have in my altar. Till today, it is very bright.

Now, never a day goes by without Swami's name being uttered in our home. The day begins with me saying 'Good morning Swami' and morning prayers. Throughout the day, there will be lots of interaction with Swami with casual talks, lovey dovey conversations, arguments, tearful pleadings and not forgetting gratitude to Him.

My day with Swami ends with me saying 'Good night Swami' and He in return gives me bonus with dream darshans almost twice or thrice every month. Having known Swami since I was 6, I am ever grateful to Him as He has always held my hands in my life path and has also given me 3 chances of padanamaskar in my dream.

Swami's presence is always felt in our home with visions of Him, manifestations of vibhuti, appearance as a cat, leaving stains on food offered and many more instances. What more can this child of His ask for than all that He has granted? I must say this is truly a beautiful lifetime connection which Swami has given me.

I have never made a trip to Puttaparthi when Swami was physically present but Swami had given me opportunities to be there 2 consecutive years i.e. 2012 and 2013. Looking forward to a date with You this year too Swami. I love You Swami.

I have been blessed to be in the Sai fold for about 4 decades now. Swami is everything for me. Yes, the physical absence of Swami did affect me to some extent, but then the merciful Lord's presence was more than ever experienced by me after the Maha Samadhi.

Swami lovingly guides me at every stage. By His grace I am much more involved in Sai activities and derive much happiness sharing His love through my blogs, every word of which is His. He keeps reminding me that my life should become His message, which I am striving to with whatever little I can do. So I am much more connected to Him than before. Love You and Thank You, Swami for everything.

Short time after Swami’s Maha Samadhi, He consoled me in a dream: "Why are you crying? There are only 2 weeks since I left My body!" 2 weeks? This is not enough to stop bleeding the inner wound! Only later I understood the meaning: "Within a couple of centuries people will hear and read about Me and worship Me as they worship Rama and Krishna. But you got the great chance to live in My physical presence. This unique opportunity will not come back very often! My physical story will slip into history more and more, but for you it is still near! Be grateful!"

Yes! We had the golden opportunity to be connected with the Lord consciously, and this will be forever and ever! He shows us in many ways that He never leaves us. Let’s thank Him wholeheartedly and never leave Him!

Hyderabad, India
My humble pranams to You Swami... this is how I begin in my personal diary everytime I remember Him. Come what may... difficulties or moments of joy.... and the answer returns to me within no time… absolute and concrete in truth.

Before I begin any new task I write to Swami seeking for His blessings and the work is successfully accomplished. Writing to Swami always binds me closer to Him… with everlasting moments of association with Him. Not even my mother allows me to share anything new with her. She constantly reminds me to share it with Swami who is my everything. Yes Swami… thank You for being my Eternal Mother...

Penang, Malaysia
I get connected with Swami by doing namasmarana everyday 1008 times. Each time I perform this I can feel Swami's presence. I also connect by meditating Him everyday night.

New York,
I had Swami's only darshan in 2008. Bhagavad Gita teachings at “Swadhyay” inspired by Pandurang Shastri Athavale taught me:

One who is not Vibhakta (disconnected from God) at any time is Bhakta - a devotee. So How Do I Now Connect with My Sai is out of question, for I am not disconnected from Him for a while. Positive thinking helps me keep connected with my Sai.

Whatever good or bad happens to us is a result of our karma or God's Sankalpa. Accept it as a gift from God. Pratya vayo na vidhyate... Chapter 2/40 translates to ‘In this endeavour there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear'. Mahasamadhi is just transformation not loss.

Birth separates us from God and death reunites with Him hence it is an auspicious occasion.

Loss of job in 2003, hearing loss in 2004, wife's death in 2007, loss of residence in 2008 did not deter me but brought me closer to Swami as He is always there to help me in any situation with His Divine Love.

Bhagawan Baba is our life breath. Our very existence in this world is due to presence of Lord. Though He has decided now to be in His cosmic form, He still continues to guide & guard me.

There are numerous instances when I have prayed to Him and He has responded in no time. What we miss today is His beautiful physical form for which we always used to yearn to get a glimpse. I was fortunate to study in His College and used to have his darshan regularly during my stay. This is was what I miss today.

However, our connection with Swami is perpetual. The very moment we think of Him, we get connected to Him. Bhagawan, in His human form, had already shown us the path which we as a human being need to tread. Remembering the lord, reminiscing the good days of His earthly sojourn, following His divine teachings/guidelines makes me always connected to Him. As Swami says “I am in You, With You, Above You, Beside You, Around You….", this ultimate truth continues to serve as a beacon of hope for my life.

Let us resolve to make our beloved Swami as an inseparable part of our life and remain connected to Him for eternity.

Tanjore, India
Sairam, it is not a question, whether Swamy is physically present or not, but how a devotee feels about it. I am a bhajan singer of our samithi.

I used to sing bhajans day in and day out, most of the waking time, and as and when I am free. Bhajan singing has become a part of myself.

I connect with Swami by singing bhajans. I feel Swami’s presence during bhajans, peace descending on me, my breathing rate gets slow, and I feel a loveable being. I carry the scent of love, wherever I go, in my heart, transformed by devotion to Swami, by singing sai bhajans. I am connected to Swami by the medium of bhajans.

South Africa
The biggest experience and the greatest sign of His grace is that He has allowed us to be part of His organisation and be His devotees… no other Avathar that walked the earth did that.

Coimbatore, India
I connect with Swami in exactly the same way as I have been always connecting. He is Sat, Chith and Ananda and all pervading. Disappearance of a particular body taken by Him for His particular mission does not make any difference.

Every day in the morning I connect to Him by reciting Swami’s Ashtothram. While reciting I try to visualize Him walking on the Darshan lines. I savour with devotion every appropriate phrase used in extolling Swami.

I connect to Him by remembering with gratitude the many number of times He has saved me from near fatal accidents. I tell myself that there must be a purpose for His saving me and it is my duty not to disappoint Him.

I connect to Him with a constant prayer, “Swami, pardon my transgressions. Give me purity. Remove my impure vasanas. Give me self-realization in this very life. Teach me that I am not this body-mind complex. Make me realize that I and You are the same in essence. Make me Thy instrument in serving the needy and in spreading Thy message'.

I connect to Swami by reflecting and meditating on His teachings and trying to help the needy to the extent possible.

South Africa
My journey started with Sai since 2007 and love for Him grew stronger and stronger as time went by. Being from South Africa I was only able to view Swami's physical form in 2010 and that was from a distance. This relationship would categorise me as being the dear devotee, far but dear. I was not attached to the physical being as I could feel and visualise Swami's presence next to me. Transformation that was taking place in my life cemented by belief that Swami is with me.

After Swami withdrew from the body I continued to be as normal with experiencing Swami by my side all the time until 22 November 2013.

I was in the public domain in South Africa and I prayed to Swami about a decision in which I needed His guidance and at that point I felt this energy force in my body, a feeling of absolute bliss. All my thoughts went blank and I could feel this feeling of absolute joy and love even for the stranger in the street, the point where was at. I then could hear this inner voice talking to me and making the decisions that I needed to make at that point. The feeling lasted a day and recurred a few times again.

I am able to have this connection with Swami when I have complete silence of the mouth and especially the mind.

So in retrospect the method in which I connect to my Sai is inward.

Swami, all the times, in all possible ways, through His discourses or interviews, was guiding us on our journey with Him to Him, teaching us all the time how to immerse ourselves in Sai Consciousness and remain connected to Him always.

He helped us take the first step learning from Bhagawan how to connect with Him; now He is fulfilling His Promise of the Ten Steps. One does not have to make any effort to connect with Him--He connects, remains connected with every breath, in every breath. Where is two, there is only One!

I connect with my beloved Swami, the Light Of My Life, in the following way:

1. Constant Namasmarana - the sweet divine name on my lips throughout the day.

2. Seeing the beloved form in my mind`s eye constantly.

3. See only Him - only the one in All forms, and finding the strength and motivation to practice His teachings - to `Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never`, at all times, no matter who or what the situation is.

After Swami left the physical body, I got this wonderful prayer 'I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you'. I say this prayer like this 'Sairam, I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you'.

This prayer helps me understand Swami's refection, reaction and resound. I chant this all the time to clean, to transform me first, and change me for changing the world. It is a magic.

I connect with my Sai by sharing the vision He has for the world. I do my best to maintain the model of society He has gifted the world. I remember the two types of education He encouraged; secular and real education. Following Him till mature old age discloses the nature of the Self safely and we return home safely with joy in the heart.

When I saw this topic for the first time, I was surprised because I am connected with Him from our birth as children connect with their Mothers from her womb itself. This is not that I’m connecting with Swami now after three years of His Maha Samadhi. I’m connected with Him from birth to birth. It is an eternal bonding which cannot build in short time. This connection has not happened by chance. This is a result of so many good Karmas I did in my previous births.

We are saying that Swami has left His physical form. But that is not the actual truth. Sathyanarayana Raju has left His body. Swami was not limited in that body. He is beyond all limitations.

Now if you ask the question what my feelings are after Swami has left His physical form, I will say the ones who are interested in His physical body, have not realized our Swami yet. Our Lord is Hridaya Nivasi, He is residing in our heart. If we try, we can have His Darshan even now in our inner altar. The only thing Swami expects from us is to surrender everything at His lotus feet (Sharanagati) as we cannot move even single step without His will.

Swami has said that we must develop the faith that we are His Divine sparks. So when we realize this eternal truth that we are His manifestations only, then we will understand that Swami is connected with us always, 24 hours, 365 days, year after years, birth after births… The chain of our breath may stop at any moment, but our bonding will never break.

The word Sai stands for Spiritual Awakening Inside. To connect with Sai is to introspect within, to dwell upon His teachings every moment, to listen to His voice that echoes from a heart in response to every query of a despondent mind.

My connection with Swami is like a constant back to back "SMS" service - SAI MESSAGE SERVICE that knows no technical errors or frequent recharges. Be it before or now, connecting with Sai is a free heart-to-heart medium of transmission of pure pristine love.

Now, more than ever before, I feel His presence every moment in my life. I heard of Him in 1961, since then I received His blessings in many ways - interviews, dreams, messages, locket, lingam and regular meetings with His very senior devotees of the early years.

But He, for me, was more present in Parthi than in Me. Dwaitham (duality) was strongly at work. But now He has seen to it that this non-descript clod has evolved into the present state - from Being to Becoming. The form has almost merged with the constant living Presence throbbing with life all around me. And my prayer is talking to Him seated in my heart. Parthi is where I am. Swami is in Me.

Tennessee, USA
Baba began a series of remarkable manifestations at our home in Malaysia in August 1980, just a couple of weeks after my family attended our first bhajan in another town.

A Nadi reading that I had in 2004 stated that many generations of our ancestors had prayed for a Guru and that is why Baba came into our lives. After 34 years, I can now clearly see that every positive thing in my life was arranged by Baba. Every negative thing in my life was created by me!

I connect with Baba through constant mental communications and daily prayers to express my gratitude for His love and grace. Many a times, when an almost impossible professional arrangement comes together, I compliment Baba by saying: “Baba, You are so clever to make this happen.”

At times, when the pressure builds regarding an uncertainty, I write Him a letter and drop it in the mail to Prasanthi Nilayam. My struggle still is I am afraid He loves me more than I love Him in terms of my discipline in adhering to all His teachings. I have a photo of Him supporting His head with His hand with His eyes closed as though He has a headache from thinking: How many times do I have to tell you the same thing over and over, Mani?

Virtually Swami took me to India. My dad was very sick and I did not want to see him die, loved him deeply and Swami granted me that wish.

I left to Prashanti and in that time my father left his body. Swami told me that He had gone in astral form before my father died. At Prasanthi I worked very hard. How I can disconnect my beloved Sai after such a meaningful experience? My beloved father went straight to Him.

Sandton, South Africa
Swami is my friend, my mother, my God, my everything. I converse with Swami throughout the day to stay connected to my conscience, where He resides. I sing bhajans and listen to Radio Sai which also keeps me close to Swami.

By surrendering on a daily basis I communicate with my Lord. But character transformation keeps me closest to Bhagawan. By trying hard to transform thought, word & deed in sync with Sai values keeps me closest to Swami.

Himachal Pradesh, India
I started my Journey to Parti first time in Sept 2005. When I reached there from that time onwards to till today I am blessed by Bhagawan Baba with so many things. But yes I really miss His Physical Presence.

Still whenever I feel sad and tensed I usually pray to Baba to solve my issues and give me the right path, so I got all those things. I really thank Baba who has given me a chance to come to Parti.

Pennsylvania, USA
The first time I had darshan of Swami, way back in 1988, His first glance at me, gave me an indescribable peace of mind and contentment. Our life needs contentment, and this is attained by containment.

This is what Swami has been for me and I am able to experience this in the abstract and so His form is not needed. I do miss that interaction with the form, and the mere anticipation at Darshan. Swami is with us now more than ever. Love all Serve all.

The Sunday Swami left His mortal bod, I was in my office, preparing my Ph.D. thesis in The Netherlands, which I had to defend a few months later. It was a shock.

In my heart, however, I felt that Swami had not gone anywhere, and I just kept on thinking that nothing had happened. Swami is omnipresent/potent/scient. Swami is the universal soul.

For me, He is still here amidst us. My connection remains the same; miracles still happen, e.g. my Ph.D. thesis was published on the 23rd Nov, Swami made me a "Dr.", Swami showed me exactly where I would work after graduating in a dream, and many more.

Other than that, the Radio Sai website, Samarpan videos and those of Prof. Anil Kumar help me a lot in feeling Swami's presence. But most importantly, as I said, Swami, the universal soul, cannot go anywhere. The connection is the same and I hope the connection will continue in the future by His grace.

When Swami was there in His physical form, yearning for His darshan, sparshan and sambhasan was an experience in itself. Worries and tensions used to just vanish if Swami just walks past. It was not easy to accept the fact That He is not there in His physical form initially.

Nevertheless, I think Swami has trained us to go beyond His physical form in all these years. I know that once we surrender completely to Him, He takes care. I know that when I help someone, He is looking at me and showing His Abhayahasta. I know that when I keep silent in a situation when I want to react, He is watching me through SAI LENS.

I know that when the first Omkara is sung in the samiti, He has taken His seat. I know that when I drop a note in the basket in Kulwant hall, He has taken charge of the problem and has a master plan for providing solution. This is how I connect to Swami and He is now here.

Melbourne, Australia
I am with Bhagawan for the last 50 years. During this period I have never missed starting the day with Suprabhatham.

When I started, Bhagawan asked me to keep a chair in my chest and I followed. Another day He asked me to keep a cushion. Then I removed that chair and replaced with a cushion chair. He thanked me for that.

From that day to date, every day when I chant Suprabhatham in the morning at 4 am, He always come and takes His seat. He remains there until I fall asleep in the night. I never do anything without asking Him and He take control of everything. This is a daily event for the last 50 years. I am 75 years of age and hoping to continue with Bhagawan in my spiritual heart every day till the end of my life.


During midnight of 24th April 2011, as I had to pick up something I came back to my room from Sai Kulwant Hall and when I was about to enter my room, to my surprise I found an Old Discourse Booklet in the corridor with the last page upwards. I was very much sure that it was not there before and so curiously I picked it up to read.

My eyes happened to notice only the last few words of that Discourse (given by Swami on 27th September 2009) and they were so soothing to my distraught condition. I felt it was Swami who sent me that message at that point of time and Swami says in the discourse "Even after the physical body ceases to exist the motherly relationship exists. A mother is a mother. Hence, there can be no greater, respectable and sweet feeling than motherhood. Many people write letters to Me addressing Me as 'Mother Sai'. They refer to Me as their revered mother. I also address all of you as 'children'."

That made me comfortable and I felt Swami is just not always with me, around me, above me but "within me" because He consoled me with His assurance as a Divine Mother at that most critical point of my life when each of our hearts were paining by His absence.

Swami was "with us" but now He is "within us" as He is our Hridaya vaasi and there is a direct connection.


First and foremost all of us miss the beautiful form of Bhagawan’s physical form. The way we connect to SWAMI is to talk to HIM and listen to HIS voice deep within that guides us in our day to day activities.

We try to follow and practice HIS Divine teachings. Sometimes our FAITH would be tested and the only way we keep going is by constantly reminding ourselves that SWAMI is always there and is always watching over us and has not forsaken us.

The Divine discourses of SWAMI, the experiences shared by SWAMI’s students and other close devotees keeps us connected to HIM. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the team of Radio Sai for uploading the videos and audio that helps every one of us in tune with our Inner SAI.

Swami's words always came true. Whatever He uttered happened. Whatever He promised, got fulfilled. When He said He will live up to 96,  I had full trust in them. When He left us at 85, I was completely shattered. Cried and cried for 3 days like mad! The darkest days in my life.

On the fourth morning, when I got up, there was unusual calm and peace in me. Total transformation in my outlook! What a change, how did it happen? Certainly my Dear Sai Maa, who came to my rescue. Beloved Sai Maa, on seeing me going Cuckoo, took pity on me and brought composure and calm into me.

From that moment, whenever I sit in His altar and close my eyes, the most beautiful images of beloved Sai comes sliding before me, His enchanting smile, His compassionate looks, His endearing gestures, my best moments with my Sai Maa, pass before me like a Video. What better way to connect with my Sai!

I have installed Him in the inner most part of my heart. What better place can I assign to my Dear Sai? He is with me every moment, inspiring me, guiding me, holding my hand and leading me to my cherished goal, His Lotus feet.
A Devotee from Odisha

The moment Bhagawan left His mortal form on 24th April 7:30 a.m. and I got the news, I wasn't in a position to decide what to do next in my life or how to spend the rest of my life without Swami. It seemed that a sudden lightening with deep sound fell on my head and everything was dark for me as the inside as well as outside circumstances weren't altogether okay for me.

With deep depression I was in such a situation that who will guide me in this complexities of evil ways in this world. But today after almost 3 years when I look back I don't myself believe how things have transformed in such a way that as our beloved Swami always promised, "If you take one step towards me I will take 10 steps towards you". It is actually not 10 steps but 100 steps so that only due to His grace I have been able to do things like attending prashanti mandir bhajans regularly, Padadarshanam as well as padanamaskaram regularly as much as possible so that I may proceed in my life in an unconditional egoless approach by His guidance each moment.

He is with us, above us, below us and around us" always. The miracles which have been happening all across the globe since the departure of mortal form of divine are really convincing our beliefs on His omnipresence as well as the experiences shared by dear Sai brothers like Arvind Balasubramanya make our belief firm that dreams and miracles are indirect way of His guidance although I wasn't able to realize it. Above all, living as much as possible according to His words show that "He is connecting to you not we have to do that"... we are just tiny instruments at the Divine hands.

There are many ways that Swami Himself has taught one and all to connect with Him constantly. We, the devotees of Swami always feel blessed for the same.

By His grace I find Namasmaran, chanting the Lord's name, as one of the ways of connecting with Him. Swami is everywhere and in every second as He is just the Divine powerful energy that pervades the whole universe.

Wherever His glory is sung I try my best to attend the same wholeheartedly and receive His prasadam. By His grace many incidents have occurred in our house.

On many such occasions Swami showed His presence amidst singing of Bhajans with full vibration in the form of fall of garland or vibhuthi appearance on photos and prasadams, etc. These not only happen to me but to millions across the world and so it is very much true that our Swami is ever present with us. More than being present He constantly reminds us to connect with Him in some ways. That is why He has always been saying, 'You may forsake Me but I will never forsake you.'

Like everyone's experience with Swami is unique, so I would like to consider mine. Not much background in the family around Sai Baba - either of His forms, except that one Doctor friend of my dad used to pull him for Seva in medical camps and used to give him books.

It was very normal for my dad to delve deep into spirituality while I stayed completely away from it. Somehow John Hislop's book made its way home and my mom happened to read it. I apparently woke up in the middle of the night and started hugging that book and sleeping, and I am told that's how I used to sleep for a while.

I went to see Swami in Kodai and twice in Parthi - certainly felt an inner connection right from when I was a kid. But as I went to college and then my job, I never went to Swami, neither thought of Him nor spoke about Him. But every time I saw Swami's picture anywhere - that made my day and there was a deep happiness I would feel.

His Maha Samadhi upset me, but didn't have anyone to cry with. Life didn’t go very well after that for a couple of years, until I re-initiated myself back to Swami. I read the book, I hugged and a few others and then started connecting with THE SAI and slowly things started falling in place. I could relate to incidents that have occurred in my life which couldn't have been possible without divine intervention and understood that it was Swami all the way. I gave up a few other paths of spirituality that I had started and surrendered to Swami.

Life has been exceptional after that and blessed with a couple of dreams and being able to revel in His Leelas is something that has filled my life. I am grateful to Swami for drawing me near Him.

I fall into the third category described in your introduction which is “The Near and Dear One". Miss His physical form very badly, but always try to connect to my inner Sai. I don’t follow any particular ritual or practice, but I am in conversation with Him always. I connect to Him through Radio Sai.

I wait for His instructions to act upon in the form of SMS “Message from God”. I see His picture with a beautiful Abhayahasta and saying “Why Fear when I am Here” in a passing vehicle whenever I wait for His reply from within.

Once after Maha Samadhi, I was in deep distress due to some personal issues and I even wrote a letter to Swami in my Diary expressing all my thoughts ending with “Where are you Swami?” and dozed off after sometime.

Got up next morning and went to draw Rangoli. The aunt next door gave a Tamil magazine with Swami’s picture with special coverage and wanted me to go through it. To my extreme delight there was reply to my question last night right on the cover page. It had the following words in Tami “Naan unnudane irrukkiren” meaning I am with you always. What more can I say! My dear Swami, I love you and You would always be with me.

I visited Puttaparti for the first time in 1999 with less knowledge about His mission. I read many books like My Baba and I, Taming of My Monkey Mind, Sai Baba - The Psychiatrist, and also involved in Seva activities and Balvikas activities. I learnt the significance of His Divine Darshan and the Love Energy that needs to be grasped during Darshan! I thought my first journey to Him was useless as I have not brought any divine energy from there! I decided to go again in the year 2005 after the completion of my final exam of graduation.

I always prayed to Him during Darshan not to make the devotee of that body and prayed from my heart that He need not come physically near to me.

I just do not want to get attached to that physical body. I prayed Him to give me the strength and vision to see Him everywhere and not in Puttaparti alone. I told Swami that this is my last visit to Puttaparti and want to be fully God Drunk. He fully charged me!

Once I returned, with His grace and blessings, I am constantly getting the important roles in Seva activities and also the role of Balvikas Teacher in His cosmic drama.

I was having my final semester exam of Master’s level on the day (April 24, 2011) and I heard the news from a Sai friend. The friend is weeping in the phone and I was annoyed why she is weeping when my Swami is with me in my heart. I told her that it could not affect me as my Swami can never depart me as I have kept Him very safely in my heart. I have already left the attachment to that physical body in year 2005. I respect her feelings but really it was not touching me.

We are in the Sai Mission to practice this detachment, not to get more attached to it. I only pray to Swami to give me the infinite attachment towards His message as He said, “Don’t become my Devotee But become the devotee of My message”.

Hyderabad, India
Being a Sai Devotee, I am having a regular practice of Chanting Sai Gayatri and Namasmaranam (chanting the name of Sai) regularly early morning as well as night time and touch Bhagawan's photo which creates feeling that He is with us.

Apart from this whenever I get disturbed mentally or unfit physically I seek the help of Sai and chant His name and that moment itself I get full confidence and become normal, which makes me to feel He is with me.

His presence with me is felt through special fragrance irrespective of place, time, etc. which gives happiness that Sai is with me always. This is because of our unconditional faith and Love on Him.

In recent period, one of my family members struggled hard to set his future career and at that time he was guided by our Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and participated in training programme. He was very much impressed with Sai Principles and started following and participated in various service and other activities. After few months he was confident and  got a job.  His unconditional faith and love to Bhagawan increased and once again Sai helped him in setting his future by offering him a better job and is happy now. I strongly believe that through faith, pure love, chanting His name, participating in service activities, I and my family now connect us with our beloved Sai.

Apart from this in recent period Radio Sai also plays a key role in connecting with our beloved Sai which acts as an additional tool to our faith and love.

As He was repeatedly telling He is our Hridhyavasi, He resides in the hearts of everyone.  It is only very few who have taken note of His presence in their hearts.

By His Grace, I always keep constant contact with our Swami mentally.  Whenever I think of Him I get a feeling that He is besides me.  Whenever I pray to Him for anything, I always add a small PS to Him, saying though I have asked for this, please grant me what You think is the best for me.

He answers all my prayers. Though at times what He is granting me are not as expected by me and I get bit disappointed, ultimately He proves to me, what He is doing for me is the best for me at the circumstance,  though not on the lines of my liking. He always guides me from my heart, as to what to do and what not to do. I am sure if we pray to Him and leave the final decision to Him, He takes care of us always.

We nine of us live in Dubai. Few of us did had darshan of Swami before the Maha Samadhi. 

But after Maha Samadhi, He started showing His Omnipresence in hundred folds as SHIRDI SAI said I shall speak from my Tomb after my passing away.

Swami gave access to HIM more easy than Maha Samadhi by reaching us every day in Astral form, by guiding us to be a part of His divine mission to serve the world in a better way.

We, nine ladies living in UAE, started a wellness centre named NAVARATNA BEAUTY CARE CENTRE  as per SAI's divine will on this Mahasivrathri day and He is showing His Omnipresence in many ways blessing us with Amrit and Milk on the idols almost every day.

5 out of 9 among us were not His believers before we entered this venture few months back through His instruction but today all are His staunch devotees and also helping their family and friends and know more of Swamis teachings.

Every day, ever since we opened this Centre He is touching the heart of one or more people  who never even know of SAI to ensure once more that when the STUDENT is ready the GURU will be appearing before him. His Mission has to go on as HE Willed and we feel if any one prays sincerely to SAI, He will run to them and conquer their heart that same moment.
We all are praying to SAI  to send us soon to PARTHI and share our every day experience through RADIO SAI to the world that if we put one step forward He will take 100 steps to reach us and to CONNECT to Him will be so easy for all who pray to HIM sincerely.

Ohio, USA
I know all pictures in our altar, home, cars and in my pocket will not replace Swamy's physical form. I will be lying if I say I don't miss His beautiful form and His beautiful darshans. However I watch His Darshan videos during our Thursday Bhajans at home and visualize those golden days which we all enjoyed.

Most importantly I recollect what Swamy told us during our last interview as a reassuring statement. I said, “Swami, sometimes we feel that by staying in a faraway country we are helpless in our difficult times and only Your vibhuthi is our rescue.”

Swamy lovingly patted and said, "Why do you think that way, I am in you and around you, and I will give you a container which will have vibhuthi always.” Of course I did not get any vibhuthi container, but those words that came out from Swami are very reassuring to us.

I listen to Swamy's discourse clips almost daily to keep His voice alive in our house and draw an inspiration from His teachings and try to put them into practice, to be not only near, but dear to him, and I pray for His grace to fulfil my desire.

I came into this fold in 2009 through my friends who are ardent devotees of Sri Bhagawan. In 2-3 months duration, I have visited Parthi 6 times and had Darshan of Bhagawan in Physical form.

We were so fortunate to be part of Onam celebrations and had an opportunity to attend Baba’s speech – Golden and Divine Voice.

No words to express His guidance in spiritual way and the 3 D’s – Duty, Dedication and Determination.

He is my mother Sai, Spiritual leader and mentor. My daily routine includes performing Puja to Swami, listen to Radio Sai live, recite Baba Bhajans and Sai Gayatri. I attend the Bhajans and services.

I have faith in Swami’s Divine protection.

The great biography of Baba – Sathyam Sivam Sundharam dragged me into spiritual journey with Swami.

His endless compassion, love, purity and humanity laid a path to connect me with Swami.

The services done by Sevadals under the holy guidance of Swami bring everyone to become Near and Dear ones.

This is a wonderful initiative on the occasion of Swami's Aradhana function. Swami is more near to us than during His physical presence, I feel.

I was fortunate to have Swami's darshan in 2010 once, 2007 once, after a gap of 23 years, His eyes looked straight at me both times.

Whenever I sit to meditate, His eyes smile at me. Daily routine gets done talking to Swami throughout and ends hearing Radio Sai. Completely am immersed in Him only. I pet Swami like how I pet my father, very close.

The best way for me to be connected with Swami has been through Radio Sai. In the middle of the night when I hear a click of an incoming mail, I am sure that it is from Radio Sai. In the morning I start my day reading the Thought for the Day and listen to the beautiful bhajans sung by Swami's students in Parthi followed by Aarati. No day is complete without doing so.

On Thursdays, I phone my friends in Parthi who give me news of what is happening in Prasanthi and also keep me connected to Parthi.

I feel Swami has been calling me to Parthi more regularly after His Samadhi than ever before. How I wish it was the other way round. But when Swami is not around I just pretend HE is there. I learnt to say Swami I love you in HIS language and repeat Nenu Swamini Premistunna (I Love you, Swami) and Miru Gurthuku Vastunnaru (I think of You, Swami).

Sometimes, I go crazy repeating it and wonder if He ever loved me? I got my answer from one issue of Sanathana Sarathi - "The very presence of love for Me in your heart is a sign of My love for you. None can love Me without My loving them - BABA". His words made me very happy.

I also keep in touch with like-minded people and listen to those who had a close proximity with Swami which unfortunately I missed. Mr. Ajit Popat who lives not very far from us is also a good source of inspiration for me and keeps me connected to Swami.

I also visit Swami's bookshop in London to help out as a volunteer and keep myself connected to HIM listening to bhajans, looking at the books, photographs and serving and talking about Swami to those who visit the shop. Life seems too short to read what is available there.

Bhubaneswar, India
“My love, your love, they are the same. Love yourself and love others, this is the true worship.”

There are three important things which one has to bear in mind. The first – Once it comes, will not go away… i.e. wisdom. The second – Once it goes, will not come back, i.e. ignorance. And the third – It neither comes, nor it goes, is the principle of Brahman.

Many of us have experienced connection with Swami staying far away from His physical form during His presence in the abode of peace at Prasanthi Nilayam. His connection through His physical form have established the faith on us and made us realize about His Omnipresence. The goal is God. He is the giver. His Grace alone can confer boons – which have been realized all along during His presence in Human form.

Now is the opportunity that I have to practice what I have learnt, i.e. loving and serving our fellowmen, so that I am always connected with my beloved Divine Mother Sai Mata at the time of grief or joy, pleasure or pain and also during gain or loss.

“Whereever you are, you are My own, I will never leave you.”
“Trust is the highest power which makes work easy.”

Living in England, far away from Puttaparthi, April 24 had an impact on me. I was however lucky to be called by Swami for one final darshan. As soon as the news reached the UK, I was, with Swami’s grace on a plane to India within a few hours.  
I grieved and cried because I missed the loving form of my Swami. I knew that He was not “Gone”. Over these past 39 years, although I live in England, Swami has been helping and guiding me and my family. My prayers and “talks” to Swami are no different to when He was in Puttaparthi.
I know that Sai's form has disappeared but Sai remains. Baba's voice has not become silent. A few weeks after Swami left his physical body, I was feeling sad when Amrit appeared on Swami’s photograph. Later that same night Swami appeared in a dream and said, “Are you still missing me?”   Yes, I still miss His physical form, but I know that Swami is always close to me.  
So how do I now connect with my Sai, same as usual, business as usual, nothing has changed.

Only Swami knows if I am His Near Child or Near and Dear Child. But for me, He is my Best Friend with whom I talk, fight, argue and at times I don’t even look at Him. But how long can one shy away from Him.

My first visit to Puttaparthi was in 1994 with a friend of mine. Kulwant Hall was not built. I used to address Him as Baba, the man in orange robe. I was seated in the 1st row in the mud and Baba was in the men’s side, from a distance I could see Him materialising vibhuthi and distributing.

Few seconds later, He was there right in front of me. His voice is still fresh in my mind, His robe caressing my foot, taking letters from the ladies. All I had to do was either take pada namaskaram or at least lift my head and look at Him. I did neither of them. How ignorant I was!

Oh, how I wished later when I used to go to Puttaparthi to take Swami’s darshan, I could have made use of my first encounter with Swami. I am one among the many devotees in the Kulwant hall whose is happy to have got His darshan and breathe the same air as Swami did.

Yes we all are so used to stretch our necks to the maximum possible towards Yajur mandir to see if Swami is coming. We are so used to His sliding physical form. In fact only His physical body is no longer in front of us. I continue the same acts with my Best Friend.

My connection with Swami always has been h2h……. heart-to-heart and it continues till today trying my best to do whatever service possible by me.

Samastha lokha sukhino bhavanthu!

Kathmandu, Nepal
When Swami was in His physical from I used to visit Puttaparthy for his Darshan at least twice a year.

After April 24, 2011, I thought that there is no meaning of visiting Puttaparthy when my beloved Bhagawan is no more there. Just before one week of Gurupurnima 2012 the day of opening the Darshan of Mahasamadhi, Baba came in my dream and asks me whether I was visiting Puttaparthy or not?

I prayed Baba that my 92 years old mother`s health is very serious so I am not in a position to go to Puttaparthy. Then Baba smiled and ordered me to visit Puttaparthy on Gurupurnima along with my wife and He assured me that He will take care my ill mother.

Next morning when I was talking to my wife regarding the dream of Baba I got a phone call from my friend - he is the ex–minister of Nepal government. Though he is not a Sai Devotee he is always interested in the Topic ''Sai Baba''. He asked me ''If you are visiting Puttaparthy on Gurupurnima I can provide you free air ticket''. Without any hesitation I accepted his request and we were fortunate to attend the opening ceremony of 'Baba's Maha Samadhi'.

I got no difference in Darshan now and before, inside Kulwant hall. The only difference was in previous Darshan we had to open our eyes to see Baba, this time we had to close our eyes to see Baba moving around. From that day onward, every moment I am feeling very good connection with Baba. Many times he has given me Darshan in dream.

On Baba`s Birthday 23rd Nov, 2013 we were performing ''Sri Sathya Sai Vratha Kalpa Puja" at our Sai centre (Sri Sathya Sai Centre, Bhimsen gola, Kathmandu) and about 200 devotees were participating in the Puja. The priests were chanting the veda mantra all of a sudden Vibhuti appeared in the photo of Bhagawan.

All the 200 devotees witnessed the response and presence of Baba. After this miracle the family, friends and neighbours of the area rushed to Sathya Sai centre for Darshan of Vibhuti manifestation till midnight. Because of number of such events I feel that I have very good and continuous connection with our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Though His physical form is not with us, His spiritual connection is always linked with us. Sai Ram.

Without god I cannot,
Without me God will not,
Me + God = Everything is possible...

I believe that the way to feel His presence now is to make Him our constant companion.

Swami basically wants each of us to go to higher levels in our spiritual progress. I visualise my heart to be His home... and He does respond... He is with us, in us, around us, behind us... Our hearts are His home...

The day begins with seeing Swami’s photo in the morning.  Doing all the work keeping Baba in my heart and my mind is ringing always his name.  My connection started with Swami 11 years back and till now no turning back. 

Sarvam Sai Mayam - with that feeling I am taking each and every step carefully and following His foot steps in my life.  Bhagawan is guiding me always in all walks of my life and giving courage to do all His work.  Kaliyuga Krishna is living in all our hearts and we never felt Baba’s physical form is no more in this mrityu loka.

I am Manjunath Reddy from Bangalore living in Dubai. I was in London studying MBA when bappa (my way of addressing Swami) left His physical form. I was inconsolable that I would not even make it to see His holy body one last time. I knew He was unwell but never a doubt arose He would leave us. So I was unprepared to accept His leaving us.

But the magic that He is.. He gave me grief He gave us hope. I asked myself I have lived away from Puttaparthi most of my life with only a few visits to Whitefield and Puttaparthi but never away from Him.. He's in the heart, in the mind and everywhere surrounding me. Where is the loss? These eyes are holy enough to have gazed at His physical form. The body purified by receiving one sharp look from the eyes of the mother… I hardly watch any videos of bappa nor read much of the books. I talk to Him, I just talk to Him all my day... He guides me. I don't pray Him… I ask Him what I want, He gives if it's good for me or doesn't if it isn't… Just like a mother who wouldn't buy an ice cream for a child suffering from cold, here the desire of the child is genuine but the intention of mother is more justified, my bappa has never let me down. I only talk to him. Argue with Him… Fight with Him… And lay my head on His lap and agree as He pats my conscience and says… "Bangaru… Chusava naa paramartham".

I have managed to live  away from my parents alone only because of bappa's comforting presence in me. And with His assurance that my parents are indeed in His lotus hands and He will take care of them as I complete my duties here in Dubai. Love u bappa..

New Jersey, USA
One night on the very horror day on my life was when I got to go to my green card interview... That night I cannot think I was so afraid... will that be approved or rejected???

And that night I dream about Swami, He just held my hands and told me to carry on “Just do it, my child I'm here with you, do not be afraid... Just move, do what you got to do".

And that is right I got approved without any difficulty like others... Just one time interview and everything clear... Jay Sri Sathya Sai baba ki...

This might sound strange but I have never ever had Swami’s physical Darshan nor ever read in His school.

My only knowledge of Him has been through books, articles, videos and friends. My memory goes back to my parental home when as a child in the family puja room I had seen a picture of Swami standing in Abhaya hasta.

My journey began with hearing about Him from a very good friend in 2011 and gradually as it is known you end up where you are destined to be. Till date Swami has been inspiring me to write many poems which have been thoroughly appreciated by many in Facebook and devotees have felt His Presence in my room through perfumed smell of flowers or dhuni smell at times. This has happened almost seventeen times since December 2012.

Even though I still deeply yearn for His physical Darshan and Padanamaskar opportunity the heart realizes HE is with me through my poems and guides me through everyday life. HE is my Only Inspiration. I feel so blessed that HE has made me HIS instrument of Peace.

Hong Kong
My thoughts, words, deeds & prayers play a vital role to connect myself with my Divine beloved Swami. He is my mother, father, friend, Guru, and God. He showed the path for my life by enlightening me to live with pure love, service & faith. It is easy to connect with Swami with prayers, listening to His discourses and singing bhajans.

Whenever I call His Name, He is there to take care and give His guidance, love, grace and blessings.

Even though our beloved Swami is no longer in His physical form, I feel connected to Him due to His teachings, His love, spiritual discipline and His messages. This has led me to stay focused in my life, continuing to live by His principles. I have felt His presence from the time I surrendered to His Lotus Feet.

Now our connection with our Beloved Swami is to be His instrument, to do service with love. Swami is in us, giving Blissful Light like sunrise.

It sure is a difficult and trying time for all Sai devotees now; being a loving God, Swami has given each one of us ways to connect with Him.

Once during 2007 May, I was upset with something and I was praying to Swami that it's difficult to see Him in all and life is like a see-saw with so many ups and downs. After sometime I was wearing a dress for my niece and in that these words were printed “Life is full of ups & downs, but a good friend is always there” with a picture of two tiny tots playing on see-saw.

After April 2011, I took this as a message from Him and started seriously practicing to see Him in all. For Swami ultimately wanted all of us to do this only. I make it a point to go to office by train on Saturdays and offer food water and buttermilk to the beggars and lepers. Isn't Swami who is suffering this? It’s so moving sometimes. Home and office too are training grounds. If anyone is nasty with us, it’s Swami’s test to promote us. Though not so easy, I do try many times. However many times I fail, He is there to lift me up. This way I connect with my Swami in all, though certainly I miss His beautiful physical form.

Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

It has been three long years. My connection with my Swami has gone stronger & stronger. The bond has entered closer orbitals. He has given the energy for the reactionary bonding forty years ago.

Being a laparoscopic surgeon, my days are busy with instruments in hand. Working in a hospital (Sai Sanjivini Hospital) situated in a small District town, Solan in Himachal Pradesh, all my steps in surgery speak in Swami's name. It's not that I say 'Sai Ram' only at times of difficulty; His name vibrates in each breath. The ownership of 'Sai Sanjivini Hospital' is in my name but it is governed by Swami.

I feel and work like an employee in the hospital. We have 60 beds, almost full with patients. All enjoy Swami's presence. ALL ROOMS & WARDS ARE FITTED WITH SPEAKERS FLOWING WITH MUSIC FROM 'RADIO SAI' 24 HOURS. Bhajan, discourses, music from Prasanthi fill air with vibrations. The hospital has 160 nursing students who are never tired of seva and the name of SAI. 'Radio Sai' has helped to make the connection much much stronger. Thank you Radio Sai.

Hyderabad, India
My Sai is always with me and never I felt He is not here among us. He will always live with His speeches, miracles, prayers every day. He communicates with me everyday in my prayers to Him, with His wonderful messages in 'Sanathana Sarathi', in my parayanams and bhajans that we gather and do locally.

When I think of Sai, my eyes fill with tears, my heart gets heavy, my soul starts humming, that tells He is with me always. He's alive in my heart, the way He showed us the way of love, the way of truth and the way of humanity.

My beloved may have left me, even my physical body will leave me one day but my mother Sai will not leave me, till the Universe ends. This is the promise of presence of Sai to His devotees and with that faith I keep going day after day to meet Him in wonderland one day when my time comes.

'Love all serve all' is the only manthra to reach our beloved Bhagawan. He is living in the hearts of all human beings. We should feel the presence of Swami in each and every human being.

Swamy has given us one biggest service organisation 'Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation' which is functioning on the pillars of Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa all over the world.

Now it is our duty and responsibility to serve Swami to prove His saying 'Your life is my message'. This is the only way to connect with our SAI.

Since Swami left His physical body, much more I think about Him and pray to Him, in fact, more day by day. I know He is always with me: a lot of times I was certain of it.

I was in Prasanthi Nilayam for 40 days in the year 2007 for His 82nd birthday. Since then, He is forever in my heart.

I recite 21 Aumkars and Suprabhatam at 5.00 AM every day, subsequently chant Guru Slokam, Veda Parayanam till 6.15 AM in our Sri Sathya Sai Baba Mandir, Ambattur by thanking Him for giving me one more golden chance to live and serve the society. Further from 6:30 AM every day, when I TURN ON Radio Sai, hearing His DISCOURSE with His sweet tone and words is a message for my day. I therefore connect with Swami in my heart.

I would want to connect to Sai Baba by practically living out His message of Selfless Love, Non-violence, Right-Conduct, adherence to Truth and Peace in my daily relationship with other beings in my life.

My Lord, You told me earlier several years ago, that, if I take You as my Guru, you will be the perfect Guru on earth and will guide me for ever, even if world of Maya makes me confused, deluded, weak.

Oh Lord, even now I feel Your presence in my thoughts, always fighting with the haunting Maya on me and establishing Your true self. I feel Your divine thoughts in me always guiding me. Now my worries created by Maya vanishes in moments and your voice from within me comes to me as my voice conquering the worry, agitations, loss of worldly love, etc. I am now peaceful, happy and remain satisfied by Your constant voice speaking within me as my voice.

You are continuously lifting me up from the contacts of illusions and temporal events. I feel that you are catching my hands and performing the journey to absolute of oneness from relative pluralities. Thank you Bhagawan BABA.

I never had the good and rare fortune of communicating with Swami at physical level. For me, communication with Swami was only through prayers and dreams that He used to bless me with even when He was in His physical frame. So Swami's physical absence doesn't create much difference to me. Yet sometimes it becomes hard to grasp the fact that we are no longer able to enjoy His beatific Darshan when the physical eyes pine for that majestic Form.

But things are still the same for me. I believe Prayers & Namasmarana are indeed the best ways to communicate with Him. I still try to converse with Swami throughout the day with the consciousness that Swami is listening to me.

I still pray to Swami with this conviction that Swami will certainly answer my prayers in His own time & Swami too responds to my prayers either through His Messages or through dreams or visions. This alone proves that nothing at all has changed. SWAMI WAS THERE, SWAMI IS THERE & SWAMI WILL BE THERE for His devotees forever!

One fine morning, in July 2011, as I was sitting in Sai Kulwant Hall, in tears and still with a broken heart at the sight of that empty chair, suddenly I heard His voice within me saying:


At that very moment the incredible strength that derives from being in His Omnipresent Presence took over my life. That is how I now connect with Sai. He said:

You cannot see Me, but I am the Light you see by.
You cannot hear Me, but I am the Sound you hear by.
You cannot know Me, but I am the Truth by which you live.

Every morning I remind myself that "Sai is the doer and I am the seer" and ask Him to live through me, to act through me, to feel through me and to love unconditionally through me. As I do that I notice that the feeling of doership gets weaker and weaker, and then as a consequence I experience a deeper peace because the feelings of guilt, pride, fear or lack of self-confidence have no more reason to be. If Sai is acting through me, how can I feel proud of anything?

"Thy will be done Swami, not mine" that is my prayer, that is the password to the "high speed connection to my Sai Innernet".

I first met Swami in 1990. Since my first trip He taught me to follow my inner voice. Now I just sit down in meditation and then I put my pen on a sheet of paper and my hand just flows and writes what Swami wants to tell me.

The way we connect now with our Lord is a bit different or at a higher plan than the way we used to connect with Him earlier. Nowadays explicitly I make Him to be with me in all my day to day mundane activities be it riding with me in my bike, arranging a bed for Him near me, or a place in my office.

I have started to involve Him in all my day to day chores and believe me in all this I have started with a silent conversation with Him on a regular basis and this helps me a lot. Over and above this I just get connected with Radio Sai at any hour of the day and at any place, thanks to Airtel for extending the Radio Sai services in their servers at virtually zero cost.

Not only this, nowadays I am able to experience the real Swami in every human or the Godliness in many individuals right from a platform vendor to a dignitary when they carry out their work for Swami and I hope Swami showers His grace to continue as always and make me His worthy Instrument in His divine mission.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sai Ram to everyone, my sharing is the dream that I had some time ago prior to Swami's leaving His physical body.

In that dream, I called Swami as He was walking in front of me and I quickly said, "I love You Swami" and He turned and looked at me straight into my eyes and said, "Love My teaching". This profound phrase has been my breath ever since and this is how He connects with me and my connection with Him then, now and forever.

I am able to connect with my beloved Swamy by reading thought for the day and following Swamy's teachings which gives me relief many times in this busy life.

Kolkata, India
Swami is the very essence of our lives... Our heartbeat and the reason of our existence today. We are entering into the third year of Swami's Mahasamadhi anniversary this 24th April but His love is such that in this journey from form to formless we never ever felt even for a moment that His presence is not surrounding us... His love is always guiding us at every step of our lives, whenever we cried He came rushing with His handkerchief to wipe away our tears assuring us “I am with you bangaroo...”

The best way to connect with Swami is to live His message, to love everyone, seeing Him in all and to live the life that Swami wants us to live. It's our responsibility now to make our lives His message... Swami is love and when we develop love in our hearts we can feel His presence with us forever and that's the password to connect with Swami.

We were all like unsharpened pencils having no point before, when Swami chose us in His mission of love automatically He sharpened us, and now these sharpened pencils (we) have to script His story for years to come...

Bhagavan Baba who constantly exhorts us to foster love, in His divine discourse in November 23, 1996, Baba said, “Transform your entire life into a saga of Love. You will then lack nothing to make you happy. All wealth and position will be added unto you, for Love conquers all”.

My connection is a HEART-to-HEART one....UNCONDITIONAL LOVE... But what exactly is this love that Baba refers to? He has Himself explained, “Pure, unselfish Love towards all living beings, considered as embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward, is true Love… Happiness will come in the same measure as your love for God.”

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu... Sathya Sai teaches us to wish enough... To one and all... may we all be loved and blessed...

Sai says that the very moment we put our feet on ground for the day just send waves of love and goodness to all... with His simple eternal mantra... Love All Serve All and Help Ever Hurt Never (essence of our sacred books and teachings of the Masters).

My connection with my Sathya Sai has already been configured by HIMSELF, I just need to right tune myself and we are connected... and thus I need to BE JUST a living example of His Teachings and Love.

Salutations at your lotus feet Beloved Bhagawan Sai!

Mangalore, India
The straight answer for this question would be the way of connecting with Swami that He Himself has taught me. The heart-to-heart relationship far above from physical touch.

On my first visit to Parthi during the World Youth Conference in July 2007, Swami ensured that He would be present with all of us at all the times, just we need to contemplate on Him, talk to Him. I simply followed His command. However, I could only realize it, once Swami left His body. I felt as if nothing was lost. Everything was just as same as it was. I could memorize certain moments in Parthi having special darshans i.e. eye to eye contact.

Moreover, as a human being, I have adopted certain day to day activities like just simply observing Swami in full moon, chanting Rudram and singing bhajans loudly with the feeling of sitting in Kulwant Hall, considering my pillows as Swami's lap and sleeping, silence sitting and obtaining Swami's response, listing bhajans on Radio Sai, etc.

North Carolina,
I am connected with Him because I always think about Him and feel Him always in every step of my deeds.  He did not go anywhere for me anyway.

As long as a devotee thinks about Him, she/he will definitely feel Him.

Puttaparthi, India
When you said how do one connect with my Swami two particular incidences come to my mind. First one is I always left Los Angeles and came straight to Parthi but that one time I had to break my journey in Bangalore and operate on a 71 year old mother of one of the physicians in Los Angeles.



California, USA
We are connected to Bhagawan when we have faith in His Divinity, faith in His Divine protection, faith in His Divine guidance and faith in His Divine teachings. And have pure love for Him which can be nurtured through the repetition of His Name, remembrance of His leelas, company of the devotees and most importantly serving Him and His creation.



Chennai, India
The way I am now stabilised is that whatever I do I place a great deal of reliance on prayer. I pray to Bhagawan for guidance not only about what to speak but also what we should be doing in the Sai Organisation.



ajit popat
London, UK
It's very easy and simple.

I recite in my mind Suprabhatam at 0500 hrs everyday, after 21 Aumkars, and thank Him for giving me one more golden chance to live.

At 0800 hrs, I sit in front of Him in Sai Kutir (my residence) and remember and visualise the divine darshan from His divine abode, until He reaches interview room and all along His most loving smile.

At 1300 hrs, I recite the food prayers and I connect myself with Him for feeding me.



Chennai, India
When Swami was in His physical form, we spoke to Him, saw Him and heard His voice. Now, things are different. I can see Him in my heart and hear His voice through Radio Sai discourse stream and I speak to Him privately in my heart. Everyday, when I turn on Radio Sai, hearing His voice in that decibel range with His sweet tone and words is a message for my day. I therefore connect with Swami in my heart.



Bangalore, India
How do I now connect with Swami? Exactly the same way that I used to connect with my Swami before the Maha Samadhi.

But now that Bhagawan has chosen to become omnipresent and leave the physical form we have to depend on the spiritual connection that we had with Swami.



I would say that I connect with Him by thinking about Him as often as I can. Then I talk to Him because He’s there listening to me.


Chennai, India
I think different people connect in different ways but ultimately it’s a holy communion, it is prayer. So when you open your heart out and pray to Bhagawan I have never ever had an occasion when Swami has not responded and told me what to do or what not to do or guided me or blessed me.




Puttaparthi, India
I personally feel that Swami has given to every individual in some form or the other an instruction which is tailor-made, customised for him/her for their spiritual growth. I think all we have to do now is just go back in our memory lane, and connect ourselves to those time periods.



Bangalore, India
Whenever I have any professional or personal problems, and I want Swami’s guidance and help to accept whatever is in store for me Swami Himself connects with me.



Bangalore, India
The easiest way I find to connect to Him is to recall the precious moments that we have spent with the Lord. The advice He gave, the interactions we had, the guidelines He gave to us for our own life. To live up to those words, to recall those words, to share those words with everybody - that itself connects you to the Lord immensely.



Puttaparthi, India

First thing is we don’t miss Swami because so many of our reminiscences with Swami are so much ingrained in us that we always feel His presence. When somebody says, “Are you alone? How are you able to spend your time alone?”

I always tell them, “Look, I am not alone, I am with Swami, Swami keeps company with me.” So to feel that Swami is not physically present is a wrong notion because we don’t say Rama is dead, we don’t say Krishna is dead.



West Indies
Everyday in the early hours of the morning I chant the Gayatri Mantra for a period of time. Thereafter I engage myself in the practice of Jyothi meditation followed by the practice of Soham - the watching of the breath. As a result of this process I connect with my inner Swami.


- Radio Sai Team

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