A Letter from Howard Murphet
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Feature Articles

On the way, he decided to stop over in India. Concerning this he says:

After spending some time in Europe, my wife and I decided to stop for a while in India on our way home to Australia. We had two purposes in view. One was to go more deeply into Theosophy by attending the six-month ‘School of Wisdom’ course at the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society, in Adyar, Madras.

Our second purpose was to travel through the country to discover if there was any deeper spiritual dimension in the life of modern India. …..Our search took us to several of the well-known Ashrams throughout the length of India, and to a few little-known ones. We sat and talked with ascetics and hermits in their caves in the Himalayas. We met a good variety of Sadhus, and teachers of different types of yogas.

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