A Letter from Howard Murphet
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Feature Articles

I can only tell you my own convictions in this matter, and let you make your own decision as to which road to travel. One leads to the Light, and the other to the darkness through which the world has suffered during the long centuries of the Kali Yuga. It is entirely your choice of course, but I pray that you may make the right one, and lead as many others as you can to choose likewise. Those working against the Avatar, unless they go to the unredeemable level of being demonic, will some day, in some life, come back to the Divine Feet.This I pray for as I send them my love. God bless you, Sai Ram.

Now tell me, isn’t that amazing!
Jai Sai Ram.
G Venkataraman

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