A Letter from Howard Murphet
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Feature Articles

In His case, though, He goes further than that. He does what only a Being bearing the Christ Consciousness or the Divine Consciousness on Earth can do, and I have witnessed many of these phenomena. One instance is the conversion of one type of matter to another, which labels Him as a 'Master of Matter'. One such instance that I was a witness to was the conversion of a piece of granite rock into edible candy, while the rock never left my sight. I examined it before, and afterwards ate some of the candy. Only the Divine One can do such a thing as that. Another example that He did when the necessity arose, was to convert a bucket of ordinary water, drawn from a well nearby, into a bucketful of petrol by stirring the water with His forefinger. It was then poured into the petrol tank of the car, and the car continued on the journey, using the petrol that Swami had converted from water.

These incidents, and other juggling of the atoms to change one type of matter to another, are things that convince me of His Divine Consciousness, which shows that He is the Master of Matter - being able to create it, convert it, and destroy it.

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