A Letter from Howard Murphet
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Feature Articles

When He produces a Sivalingam from inside Himself - which I saw Him do as long ago as 1966 - if there is nobody present worthy of receiving the Lingam, then He dematerialises It. This happens when there is no one who will faithfully do the regular Pujas (rituals) that are required to keep the Lingam auspicious. In other words, He then sends It back to the unmanifest. This might be called the destruction of matter.

You must have read about all of this in my books, yet the greatest of His miracles is the Divine Love by which he brings about a deep change in the nature of people, His followers. I have described this inner change which might be called the 'Birth of the Divine Child Within Us', or the initiation into Divine Life. Many, many people, throughout the years, have been changed in this way - this deep-rooted inner change is really your first step on the homeward journey.

Then there is the great compassion of Sai Baba, which requires miraculous action for its fulfillment.

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