A Letter from Howard Murphet
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Feature Articles

Naturally, Swami always had a soft corner for Murphet and would greet him by asking, "Murphet, are you perfect?" Invariably, it produced laughter all round. To the devotees present, Swami would introduce Murphet as the ‘Old Australian Tiger!’ The merit of earlier births earned for this nice old gentleman the privilege of spreading Swami’s Name and Message in his own way, and earning more Divine Grace thereby. As Krishna says in the Gita, blessed are they who speak about the Lord, and spread His Message.

Murphet is now 95 years of age. He has been blind now for many years, but still writes, using a Dictaphone from which others then transcribe. The letter reproduced below is one of his latest writings. What devotion and what commitment! And how, despite his advanced age and handicap, he is prepared to speak out boldly in the cause of Truth!

I found in Murphet’s letter all the courage and inspiration I needed to snap out of my fleeting spell of despondency. I hope you, dear Reader, will find it to be so too.

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