A Letter from Howard Murphet
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Feature Articles

Murphet had the Darshan of Baba, saw miracles, was astonished at first, then wondered about them, and finally realised that the Divinity of Bhagavan was primary while miracles were merely a manifestation of His Love. Murphet quickly caught on to the fact that Baba is an Incarnation of the Lord, and that when the Lord comes in human form, He is to be recognised not by superhuman phenomena or aspects but by the Divine qualities of Pure Love, Compassion, Selfless Sacrifice, and limitless Forbearance.

His prayers having been answered and having seen the Incarnation with his own eyes, Murphet spared no pains to share his ‘discovery’ with the rest of the world. He did this through many books and of course also lectures, especially in his country. Result: incredulous foreigners started flocking to the remote hamlet of Puttaparthi in increasing numbers, to come face to face with the Living God. Murphet himself made many trips India to have Baba’s Darshan, and continued doing so even after he passed the ripe old age of ninety. He it was who ‘introduced’ Baba ‘Down Under’, to Australia.

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